December 15

December 15 is the 349th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 350th in leap years), thus 16 days remain until the end of the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0533: The victory of the Eastern Roman forces under Belisarius at the Battle of Tricamarum marked the end of the Vandal kingdom in North Africa. The former Western Roman territory falls to the Byzantine Empire under Emperor Justinian I..
  • 1387: After Duke Friedrich of Bavaria has fixed the Archbishop of Salzburg as part of the cities war and wants to force the abandonment of the covenant, explains the Swabian league of cities to the Duchy of Bavaria to war.
  • 1516: Gaspard de Coligny I., seigneur de Châtillon is appointed by the French king Francis I. Marshal of France.
  • 1576: The Spanish governor of the Netherlands, Don Juan de Austria, and the States General close the Eternal Edict, which the governor recognizes the Pacification of Ghent. The edict, however, do not hold eight months.
  • 1640: John II Duke of Braganza is as John IV King of Portugal, thus ending the personal union with Spain since 1580 is terminated.


Science and Technology




  • 0687: The elected by the people of Rome and from simple clergy Sergius I becomes pope.
  • 1124: Celestine II is elected in Rome as antipope Honorius II to, but resigns in the day after the papal dignity, whereupon Honorius II can be confirmed in a new canonical choice finally in his office.


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  • St. Nino, healer ( Catholic)
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