Board game

A board game is a board game whose characteristic element is a Schedule / ironing board, acting on the player with figures, stones or other material. A game in which a pure display is formed ( such as in Carcassonne ), the games will be counted often also to the genre, although strictly speaking it is a tile-laying game.

The board need not necessarily be made ​​of wood or a piece. In some games, such as Settlers of Catan, it is variable and is reassembled before each game. The importance of the game board is different in each game. For some titles - which then in many cases on the border of pure card or are Dice game - it turns almost solely as a custom points table, with others it really is the game determining element.

A special quality award for board games is the price " Game of the Year ". He is regarded as the world's most important games award and is awarded for German -speaking board and card games.


Classic Board Games

As one of the oldest board games, the Royal Game of Ur apply (2600 BC). Also Go claimed this item often. The Egyptian Senet is detected for approximately 2600 BC. From the time of the Middle Kingdom dogs and jackals is occupied. The classic board games include Chess, Checkers, Mill, Go, Pachisi, Mancala, Bagh Chal and backgammon.

Latter-day games

Latter-day games from the 20th century with particular well-known authors have been mostly brought about game publishers in the trade. These include classics such as

  • Alias ​​: Finnish board game
  • Halma (invented in the U.S. in 1883, as a hexagonal version in Germany 1892)
  • Ludo: Pachisi English offshoot
  • Maleficent ( internationally known as Barricade, published 1959)
  • Ludo ( in Switzerland: Ludo, invented in 1907, popular from 1914)
  • Monopoly (invented in the U.S. in 1904, popular from 1934)
  • Parques: Colombian board game
  • Scrabble (invented in 1931, popular in 1948, also a word game )


Scotland Yard

Classical pieces ( pawn )

In the 20th century broad strata of the population in Europe and America for the first time had free time, which was not taken up by work and financial management. Among other things, board games were popular. In addition, man, for example, was not annoyed you sent in the First World War to the hospitals, so that the soldiers were able to pass the time. Monopoly became popular as a pastime for the period of unemployment during the Great Depression.

Monopoly was from 1936 to 1938 and again from 1953 by Schmidt Spiele published in Germany after his success in the United States of America. In Austria related games were released under another name in 1936. Monopoly is one of the most successful board games in Germany and Switzerland; from the circa 1940 issued Monopoly variant DKT - The commercial talent of the most successful board games in Austria.

Author Games

Modern games such as Scotland Yard ( published 1983), The Crazy Labyrinth ( published 1986), Settlers of Catan (published in 1995), Carcassonne ( published in 2000, actually more of a match game ) Ingenious (published in 2004), Puerto Rico ( published in 2002 ) or Dungeon Twister ( published in 2004 in France, 2006 in Germany ) are also referred to as an author games, since the name of the responsible or game designers deal is known and this often full-time or part-time with games. Author games are also distinguished by the fact that there are often a successful match multiple build sets, extensions and derived games (like the card game San Juan in Puerto Rico or the extension sailors in Settlers of Catan ).

While primarily classic board games are played in most countries, a diverse scene has formed around games in the German speaking author. In the United States, this has already led to that board games are also referred to as " German Games' ". According to the chairman of the Association " Section Game " Ernst Pohle come to Germany each year about 350 new games on the market, more than in any other country.

The internationalization of the phenomenon of the Renaissance of board games in new variety falls currently progressing rapidly. In the USA, the Netherlands, France and parts of Asia are forming lively games scenes.

More than 600 new products are introduced every year on the gaming conventions in Essen ( in October) and Nuremberg ( in February ). Also, is awarded annually by a jury of journalists Games the world's most important games award Game of the Year, which is a highly visible and valuable seal of approval in the subsequent period for catalog advertising as well as for the design of the packaging.

Board games than computer games

Most games now appear as a computer game. This is often complemented by the implementation of the Internet as a browser game. In addition, there are also completely electronic games ( with sensors and speech output ) and DVD games (normal games with supplementary DVD ).

Hybrid Games

As a " hybrid game" or "hybrid game " refers to games in which the players play as a traditional board game, but can be calculated cubes, trains, Zugauswertungen or other game features from the computer. Unlike the computer game, the computer can not replace the playing field, but also helps in the evaluation of the trains, so that the speed and accuracy of the game can be increased. A unique game is possible if the player moves the pieces on the board. There are classic chess computer.


The best known in Germany awards are game of the year and the German game prize. The majority of the winners of these contests are games board games.