Tile-based game

A match game means a game in which cards, cards or firmer tablets are used as play materials mainly, which are usually designed to on a previously empty table.


Oldest sources for classic match game Domino suggest the emergence of the category China, and as time was about 300 years before our era. At any rate, the category also includes placement games with letters and pictures. There were even the mosaic to the games, the emergence of even 4000 years would be dated back.


Allen is laying games mean to achieve by laying out the game goal, be it aesthetic or strategic. Most are the designed parts are not returned or removed, and if they do, thus the aim of the game is not affected. Common to all games laying the clarity and the most easily seen because they are almost always marked with symbols, dots or numbers. In some games, the game pieces are so thick that they can also be placed on the table so that the player does not see it well hidden. This purpose sometimes small bench, where they are sorted and sorted.

Laying is usually done according to predefined rules in series, episodes, sequences, or even after pre-drawn images. For many versions now exist also travel versions, so you can often easily transported. Laying on the table or the floor space is excessively usually without problems. Sometimes placement games and card games are content difficult to distinguish. The key should be the laying out, which gives the scales for the classification.


Erwin Glonnegger the German Games Archive in Marburg in his classification distinguishes seven categories of Lege games:

  • Sign placement games: These include Domino, Domino images (for children)
  • Letter placement games: Here are mainly produce all kinds of crossword puzzles and their variants such as Scrabble game to call.
  • Number placement games: Rummikub and computing Domino are known representatives of this kind of laying games.
  • Tactical placement games: besides Mah -jongg, Maestro and Ogallala This includes Café International, Rummy, Canasta and Penalty Out
  • Lottery games are used as a matching game mainly still in the children's section as images Lotto.
  • Figure placement games like Tangram or the T- puzzle
  • Images placement games are so represented in puzzles also the bunny game and others.

Some of the placement games also meet several game types. So thinking game and gambling are often included in them.