Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research, Inc., is an English- American software company whose main product is the presented on June 23, 1988 program Mathematica. Wolfram Research was founded by the British mathematician Stephen Wolfram.


Recently, the word processing Publicon was presented 1.0, which is based primarily on the needs of scientists.

The Wolfram Demonstrations Project is a collaborative site that serves interactive technical demonstrations, driven by a free Mathematica Player runtime.

Wolfram Research has three tungsten Science conferences organized: 2003 in Boston, MA, 2006 in Washington, DC and 2007 in Burlington, VT in the USA. Two other independent NKS Midwest conferences were conducted at Indiana University, Bloomington in 2005 and 2008. Other stand-alone workshops on NKS- related research were organized internationally, such as Joual ( Just One Universal Algorithm) at the CNR in Pisa, Italy in 2009.

Wolfram Research is responsible for the annual Wolfram Technology Conference in Champaign, IL. During this three-day conference to discuss the latest developer Wolfram technologies for mobile devices, cloud computing, the use of interactivity, and more.

Furthermore, experiments with manufacturing of electronic text books.

The latest product is Wolfram Alpha, a new type of search engine, also called answer machine.


Wolfram Research published a number of free sites, including MathWorld and Science World encyclopedias.

Wolfram Research Mathematica publishes the Journal and has published several books by Wolfram Media, Wolfram 's Publishing published.


Wolfram Research was math consultant for the series Numb3rs.