Jost Trier

Jost Trier ( * December 15 1894 in slot; † September 15, 1970 in Bad Salzuflen ) was a German linguist and medievalist germanistischer. He was professor of Germanic philology at the Westfälische Wilhelms- University in Münster ( Westphalia).


Jost Trier was the son of a doctor. After his habilitation in 1929 acquired, he held the Chair of Germanic philology in Münster from 1932. With his 1931 published work " The German vocabulary in mind district of mind. History of a linguistic field ", he founded the semantic field of research. The workshop drew on ideas of Ferdinand de Saussure and saw the vocabulary as a system are mutually determining units.

After the " seizure of power" by the Nazis in 1933, he joined the NSDAP. In the same year he also took over the presidency of the Ethnographic Commission for Westphalia, an office he laid down in 1943. In 1935, Dean of the University of Trier.

In the postwar period Jost Trier was 1956/57, Rector of the University of Münster. Since 1961 he was a member of the Senate of the German Research Foundation. 1964 Trier was one of the founders of the Institute for German Language in Mannheim. 1968 Jost Trier was awarded the Konrad -Duden - price.

The linguistic field

Jost Trier led to his habilitation thesis " The German vocabulary in mind district of mind. History of a linguistic field " the concept of the linguistic field in linguistics one. The linguistic field defines Trier later than

" The living between individual words and the vocabulary of the whole linguistic realities that the feature in common than Teilganzem with the word that they ergliedern itself, however, is that they outsource to the vocabulary itself. "

Trier emphasizes that the field is one way to better understand the structure of the language and it can help to investigate the history and transformation of the speech content better. A change of meaning is often the change in the field structure.

Examines Trier has the meaning District of mind once at the time A, " the state of courtly poetry around 1200 " and at the time B, " the state of mysticism around 1300, as it exists in Meister Eckhart. " The linguistic field of courtly poetry is composed of the terms wîsheit, art, and list together and finally shifts in the writings of Meister Eckhart to wîsheit, art, wizzen.

The notion of lexical field proved to be extremely fruitful for linguistics. Thus, the concept of the word field throws the spotlight on the relationships between individual words and stresses in a separate concept, which already indicates in Ferdinand de Saussure's concept of valeur: that the meanings of a word always arise from our relationships with other words. Trier's power is that he has the atomistic view that prevailed earlier in the semantics overcome. Trier's work exerted a strong influence on Walter Porzig, André Jolles and Gunther Ipsen. These works are also for modern collocation research is still of importance.