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Year of the Earth Rat戊子( at the beginning of the year fire - pig丁亥)

Syria: 2199/2200 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January
  • 2.2 in February
  • 2.3 March
  • 2.4 April
  • 2.5 May
  • 2.6 in June
  • 2.7 in July
  • 2.8 August
  • 2.9 September
  • 2:10 October
  • 2:11 November
  • 2:12 December
  • 2:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 3.1 First Quarter
  • 3.2 Second Quarter
  • 3.3 Third Quarter
  • 3.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 3.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs

German Empire

  • March 9: Kaiser Wilhelm I dies at the age of almost 91 years in Berlin. He is succeeded as Emperor Frederick III. his eldest son, Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm.
  • June 15: The last emperor of the German Reich, Wilhelm II of Hohenzollern, climbs after his father's death the imperial throne ( Three Emperors year in Germany ).

More Events in Europe

  • October 21: The Social Democratic Party of Switzerland is founded.
  • October 29: For unknown reasons derailed south of Kharkov the train of Tsar Alexander III in Borki. on the way back from the Caucasus to St. Petersburg. The imperial family remains unharmed when railway accident.
  • 26th December: With the Faroese Christmas meeting the local national movement is springing up. In the history of the Faroe Islands, the desire for their own language and independence from Danish rule arises.
  • December 30: The Hainfelder Congress establishing the Social Democratic Workers Party of Austria begins. Victor Adler has worked for a program that has been approved by Karl Kautsky. 69 Of the 110 delegates from the Habsburg crown lands are entitled to vote.

United States of America

  • November 6: In the presidential election in the United States, the Democratic incumbent Grover Cleveland the most votes, the Republican challenger Benjamin Harrison receives while but can combine more electoral votes to be elected and 23 Presidents of the United States.


  • The Cook Islands are British reserve.

Other events around the world

  • October 29: The Convention of Constantinople Opel proclaimed the freedom of navigation in the Suez Canal.


World exhibition

  • For the April 8, held to 9 December 1888 World's Fair in Barcelona in just 53 days the Gran Hotel Internacional is built.


  • MAY 22: Leroy S. Buffington, the architect of the Pillsbury A Mill in Minneapolis, a U.S. patent is granted to a steel construction for skyscraper.
  • August 7: The inventor Theophilus Van Kannel receives in the United States, the patent for the revolving door.
  • AUGUST 21: William Seward Burroughs awarded U.S. patent number 388,116 on his invention, model of a computing machine.
  • December 7: The Scottish pioneer John Boyd Dunlop tires logs on the first patent for the bicycle tires.
  • The photographer Ottomar Anschütz has filed a patent its off the image plane shutter blinds.

Business start-ups


  • June 4: The King of the Belgians, Leopold II, opened the first of the hydraulic lifts of the Belgian Canal du Centre. The continued construction of the waterway be delayed as a result of cost reasons.
  • June 14: In Switzerland, built by the Jura -Bern -Luzern -Bahn Brünigbahn will be officially opened by Brienz over the Brünigpass to Alpnachstad.
  • July 1: The train route Stralsund -Rostock will be officially opened by the Prussian state railways.
  • August 18: The Frankfurt Central Station was opened as the largest railway station in Europe.
  • September 18: In Hamburg, German -Australian Steamship Company is established that sets up a regular service for the fifth continent.
  • 4 October: Under its CEO Georg von Siemens, the German bank acquired the concession for the construction of the Anatolian railway. It will be assisted by Chancellor Bismarck.


  • October 29: In a solemn ceremony Kaiser Wilhelm II lays the cornerstone for the first section of the Speicherstadt in Hamburg.

Science and Technology

  • January 27: Foundation of the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC
  • June 23: The German Association for the promotion of aeronautics through the first of the so-called Berlin scientific air rides. Gastronomic centers include the club member Hans Bartsch Sigsfeld and the meteorologist Victor Kremser Aboard the gas balloons Herder.
  • August 5: Bertha Benz drives with their two children in the car her husband Carl Benz ( without his knowledge ) from Mannheim to Pforzheim. It is the first cross-country drive an automobile.
  • September 7: The baby Edith Eleanor McLean is placed as the first child in the United States in an incubator.
  • December 9: Statistician Herman Hollerith installs his invention of punched-card controlled calculating machine in the U.S. War Department.
  • December 13: Heinrich Hertz in its report " Outshine electrical force " the Berlin Academy of Sciences of the existence of electromagnetic waves. His discovery provides the decisive impulse for the development of wireless telegraphy in direction and broadcasting.
  • William Hall wax discovered the photoelectric effect (also photoelectric effect).
  • First parts of the coat Thaler stalactite cave are discovered.
  • In Thailand, the Suriyakati calendar is introduced.



  • In Turin, the Mole, the tallest building in Italy, completed.

Fine Arts

  • March / May: The painter Vincent van Gogh paints the picture Langlois Bridge ( in two versions).
  • August: Vincent van Gogh painted several versions of the painting sunflowers.

Three Sunflowers

Five Sunflowers

Fifteen Sunflowers

Paul Gauguin: Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers painting

  • DECEMBER 23: Vincent van Gogh injured under mysterious circumstances on the right ear.
  • The artist Claude Monet paints the picture Antibes seen from the hill, Notre Dame ' from.
  • Establishment of the Milwaukee Art Association

Pictures of 1888