Sundsvall ( German outdated Sundswald ) is a town in the Swedish province Västernorrland County and the historic Medelpad. It is the capital of the municipality of the same name.


Sundsvall is a port city on the Gulf of Bothnia. It lies near the geographic center of Sweden. In the south and north, the city's two mountains Södra Berget rise (240 m) and Norra Berget (141 m). The city is located upstream of the 75 km ² island Alnön.


1621 was Gustav II Adolf of Sweden Sundsvall city rights. Today, he is mainly present as a statue on the Stora Torget ( market place) in the city. Shortly after the survey of the town received municipal fishermen from the Crown some of the best fishing grounds in Medelpad, which had previously belonged to the fishermen Gävle.

In the 19th century Sundsvall experienced strong population growth and brought it in 1887 to 10,726 inhabitants. At this time, the city had the highest density sawmill in the world. The Swedish poet Elias Sehlstedt said in 1852: " Såg vid Såg jag jag Såg varhelst tell you! " ( " Saw to saw I saw where I saw " ).

In May 1879 here broke from the so-called Sundsvallstreik, in which the workers in the sawmills were trying to defend themselves against the threat of wage cuts of 25% - unsuccessfully. This hitherto largest industrial action in Sweden was defeated ultimately in early June by the military.

Sundsvall was hit four times by large fires, the first time in 1721 after a bombardment by Russian troops during an attack on Sundsvall and most recently on June 25, 1888. A spark from a steamship was in a very dry summer caused this city Brands, the should evolve to largest ever in Swedish history. The built mainly of wooden houses to date city burned almost completely down by the fire. 400 farms were destroyed and 9,000 of the 11,000 residents homeless. In the center could then be built only stone houses. Hence the nickname frequently used Stenstaden dates (the " Stone City ").

In 2010, a copy of a Sachsenspiegel has been found from the year 1481 in the town library. A librarian discovered written in Middle Low German language book while cleaning out in a basement magazine.

Sights and culture

  • Main sightseeing attraction is Stenstaden, the " stone city ", around the market square, Stora Torget.
  • A nice view from the top of Sundsvall down offers from Norra Berget (155 m), where there is also an open-air museum and the craft and Maritime Museum ( also the only stuffed Skvader, the unofficial Landscape Animal Medelpad, from ) is.
  • The burial ground of Högom, about 2 km from the city center, the largest burial ground in northern Sweden is ( 400-550 AD). It includes eleven grave mound and a rune stone.
  • In Kulturmagasinet ( located in converted old warehouses in the harbor ) is located next to the city library and the town museum. Permanent exhibitions, there are, among others, to the chief of Högom and local history.
  • The Nordic Chamber Orchestra, formed in 1990 is the youngest professional chamber orchestra in Scandinavia.
  • Founded in 1973 " Sundsvall Music Forum " with its rock club pipeline, the oldest musical association in Sundsvall.
  • The district Selånger was in the Middle Ages, the port and the center of Medelpad.
  • In summer about 30 dragon sculptures are placed in the context of Drakparaden (dragon parade ) in the city center. The Dragons have each been bought by a company and are painted by different artists.
  • Sundsvall has the largest Ukulelenorchester Sweden. " Tobbes Ukuleleorkester " has over 80 members.


In the 20th century Sundsvall was the center of the Swedish wood industry.

Today Sundsvall is economically dominated by the IT and telecommunications industry, the banking and insurance as well as the pulp and aluminum industry ( Kubal ). Two large well-known outside of Sweden and working in Sundsvall companies Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA ) and Akzo Nobel.

Opened in 2001 in Sundsvall Sweden's first international casino.


In Sundsvall, the European Route 4 intersect the north-south direction, and the European Route 14, which leads west to Trondheim in Norway. The city is connected to the Swedish rail and long-distance bus network, and is also served by X2000 high-speed trains. By plane are directly accessible from the airport Midlanda Stockholm, Gothenburg and Luleå.

Education and Research

In Sundsvall is a campus of the Mittuniversitetet. The university was founded in 1993 as Mitthögskolan received on 1 January 2005 the status of a University and forms annually from approximately 15,000 students. The campus in Sundsvall is one of four in addition to those in Östersund, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik. This study approximately 4000 students in 35 fields of study.

One research focus of the region is the cellulose fiber technology.

The Cultural Department of the City writes since 1991 every two years with 50 000 SEK ( equivalent to about 5000 euros ) from doped Literature Scholarship, named after the writer who grew up in Sundsvall Lars Ahlin.


In Sundsvall three well-known sports clubs are located, of which the basketball club Sundsvall Dragons in the highest Swedish league, the Basketligan plays and was able to win the national championship in 2009. The football club GIF Sundsvall played in phases in the first Swedish League, the Fotbollsallsvenskan, but had to join the in the second-class Superettan end of 2008. The Hockey Club IF Sundsvall Hockey also plays in the second Swedish league, the HockeyAllsvenskan.

Twin Cities

  • Finland Pori ( Finland), since 1974
  • Norway Porsgrunn (Norway ), since 1974
  • Denmark Sønderborg (Denmark), since 1974
  • Russia Volkhov (Russia), since 1988
  • Poland Konin (Poland), since 1990

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Lars Ahlin (1915-1997), writer
  • Björn Alke (1938-2000), jazz musician
  • Christian Beijer ( b. 1962 ), artist
  • Björn Collinder (1894-1983), linguist
  • Per Collinder (1890-1974), Astronomer
  • Fredrik Ericsson (1975-2010), mountaineer and extreme skier
  • Stan Hasselgård (1922-1948), jazz clarinetist
  • Bengt Lindström (1925-2008), artist
  • Kjell Lönnå ( b. 1936 ), musician
  • Linus Hallenius (* 1989), footballer
  • Max Magnus Norman (born 1973 ), artist
  • John Nyman (1908-1977), Ringer
  • Helen Sjöholm (born 1970 ), singer and actress
  • Yohio (* 1995), musician