Medelpad is a historical province ( landskap Swedish ) in the country part of Norrland. Medelpad bordered to the south of Hälsingland, on the west by Härjedalen, in the northwest of Jämtland and on the north by Ångermanland. Together with Ångermanland Medelpad is the present day province ( swedish län) Västernorrland County.

Medelpad home in 2600 preserved antiquities, including Kvissle - Nolby - Prästbolet south of Sundsvall.

In Medelpad was to early modern times the power and economic center of northern Sweden. The now silted Selångers Fjord was the decisive landscape feature and it is thought that the name " Medelpad " the beach area of ​​the former Peninsula Kungsnäs said, " beach area in the middle " meant. Even the cult of Olav the Holy was here a Swedish focus by the most important pilgrimage began here to Nidaros. Medelpad seal from the 16th century in the center includes a processional banner with the Olav's ax. It was only replaced in 1600 by a seal with two flows and two opposing fish. Until the 16th century it was a letter sealed with a stylized "M" in the middle.

In Medelpad is the geographical center of Sweden. However, it is considered as belonging to northern Sweden.

Communities in Medelpad

  • Sundsvall
  • Timrå
  • Ånge


  • Havern
  • Holmsjön
  • Leringen
  • Stor - Laxsjön
  • Stödesjön
  • Indalsälven
  • Selångersån
  • Ljungan

Landscape symbols

  • Plant: Norway spruce ( Picea abies Latin )
  • Animal: Mountain Hare ( much more present, however, the Skvader, who in 1987 won an unofficial vote on the landscape animal )
  • Bird: Red Crossbill
  • Fish: perch