September 13

September 13 is the 256th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 257th in leap years). Thus still 109 days remaining until the end of the year.

  • 3.1 Before the 19th century
  • 3.2 19th century
  • 3.3 20th century
  • 3.4 21st century


Politics and World Affairs

  • 0081: Domitian is Roman Emperor after the death of his brother Titus.
  • 0533: In the Battle of Ad Decimum the East Romans under Belisarius defeated the Vandals under their king Gelimer. This is a crucial step towards the destruction of the Vandal kingdom and to reintegrate South Africa into the Roman Empire.
  • 0864: The Venetian Doge Pietro Tradonico is seized and slain after the inauguration of the San Zaccaria Church of conspirators.
  • 1189: Richard the Lionheart is crowned in Westminster Abbey as Richard I, King of England.
  • 1309: In order to secure the acquisition of Danzig by the Teutonic Order, is acquiring the Treaty of Soldin from the Margrave of Brandenburg, whose claims to the Duchy of Pomerania.
  • 1502: In the Battle of the Smolinasee the army of the Teutonic Knights victorious under Wolter von Plettenberg, aided by Estonians and Latvians, over the numerically superior army of Ivan III.
  • 1598: After the death of his father Philip II Philip III. King of Spain.
  • 1609: The English navigator Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River was later named after him.
  • 2005: The Munich Olympic tower must be evacuated because of a bomb threat. When the bomb is a fake.
  • 2009: In the Catalan city Arenys de Munt a referendum on the independence of Catalonia is held. 96 % consent for a 41% stake encourages other communities to carry out independence referendum in December.


Science and Technology




  • 0335: Built by order of the Roman Emperor Constantine I and his mother Helena Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem Church is dedicated.
  • 0604: Sabinianus to obtain the consent of Emperor Phocas and is officially Pope.
  • 1541: Reported from Geneva reformer John Calvin returns from Strasbourg back.
  • 1276: John XXI. is elected by the conclave as pope.
  • 1376: Pope Gregory XI. leaves the Palais des Papes in Avignon. He wants to continue to reside in Rome, the traditional seat of the head of the church.


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Before the 19th century

Oliver Evans (* 1755)

19th century


John Sedgwick (* 1813)

Clara Schumann (* 1819)

Marie von Ebner- Eschenbach (* 1830)


Arthur Henderson (* 1863)

Corneliu Codreanu Zelea (* 1899)

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0016: Marcus Drusus Libo Scribonius, Roman politician
  • 0081: Titus, Roman emperor
  • 0864: Pietro Tradonico, Doge of Venice
  • 0954: Diethard, Bishop of Hildesheim
  • Like Herman IV, Margrave of Baden at Antioch: 1190
  • 1248: Kunhuta from Swabia, Queen Bohemian
  • 1274: Henry III. of Neuchâtel, Bishop of Basel
  • 1352: Alberto II della Scala, co-regent with his uncle Cangrande I della Scala of Verona
  • 1365: Johann II von Lichtenberg, bishop of Strasbourg
  • 1435: William III, Duke of Bavaria- Munich.
  • 1506: Andrea Mantegna, Italian painter and engraver
  • 1557: Veit Amerbach, German scholar and humanist
  • 1565: Guillaume Farel, Reformer of the Romanesque Switzerland
  • 1566 Sigismund of Brandenburg, Archbishop of Magdeburg and Bishop of Halberstadt
  • 1592: Michel de Montaigne, French politician, philosopher and founder of the essay writing
  • 1598: Philip II, King of Spain and (as Philip I ) of Portugal

Guillaume Farel († 1565)

Michel de Montaigne († 1592)

Michel de Montaigne Eyquem (* 1533)

Philip II of Spain († 1598 )

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Jaroslav Drobny, Czechoslovak tennis and hockey player
  • 2001: Dorothy McGuire, American actress
  • 2001: Carl Malsch, German Protestant Pastor
  • 2001: Fayga Ostrower, Brazilian painter and graphic artist
  • 2001: Charles Regnier, German actor
  • 2004: Luis E. Miramontes, Mexican chemist and co-inventor of the first birth control pill
  • 2004: Weldon Rogers, American country, rockabilly musician and producer
  • 2004: Erwin White, Austrian composer
  • 2005: Toni Fritsch, Austrian football player
  • 2006: Ann Richards, American politician
  • 2007: Abdul Sattar Abu Rischa, chairman and co-founder of the alliance of Sunni clan leaders
  • 2007: Joachim Hansen, German actor
  • 2008: Peter Camejo, American politician and environmentalist
  • 2008: Héctor Rubén Sosa, Argentine footballer
  • 2011: Arno Fischer, German Photographer
  • 2011: Helmut Frenz, German Protestant bishop and human rights activist
  • 2011: Richard Hamilton, British painter and printmaker
  • 2011: Daniel Keel, Swiss publisher
  • 2011: Alice Vollenweider, Swiss Romance languages ​​, cookbook author and literary translator

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances John Chrysostom, Roman bishop and Doctor of the Church ( Anglican, Protestant, Catholic)
  • Radolt of Verona, Frankish bishop
  • Name Days John Tobias

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