Luis Juez

Luis Juez (* September 13, 1963 in Córdoba ) is an Argentine lawyer and politician. He was between 2003 and 2007 mayor of the city of Cordoba and is since 2009 a senator in the Argentine Congress.

Life and political career

Until 2003

The career of Juez began at the age of 17 years in the Partido Justicialista. In 1987 he was president of the " Juventud Peronista ", the youth organization of the party. Its popularity in the province of Córdoba stirred from his post as anti -corruption prosecutor in the provincial government between 1998 and 2002 here. He came in 2002 in the headlines when he revealed a corruption case in the family of the Governor of the province, José Manuel de la Sota. Then the item has been laid off.

Juez began during that year, under the name Partido Nuevo contra la corrupción, por la honestidad y la Transparencia ( German: New party against corruption, for honesty and transparency ) to build an opposition platform against the provincial government that are not in the categories links should match or law, but should collect different opinions from many sectors of society Córdoba.

2003-2007: Mayor of Córdoba

On 3 October 2003 Juez won with this platform, the mayoral election of Córdoba clearly against the candidate of the Partido Justicialista, Alfredo Keegan.

His reign was marked by the attempt to rehabilitate the infrastructure deficits during the Argentine crisis. In particular, public transport and the road network had been severely damaged by this crisis. Another element is the policy of opposition to the provincial government of De la Sota, which led to a big row between the two politicians. This dispute remained despite temporary reconciliation gestures to the end of his term exist.

2007 Juez lost the election for governor of Córdoba, just 1.1 percent residue against Juan Schiaretti (PJ). A review of the election results, which was demanded by Juez then, rejected the Justice of Córdoba.

After 2007: Senator and renewed candidacy for governor

Juez ' successor as mayor of Córdoba was the candidate of his own party Partido Nuevo, Daniel Giacomino, who had been deputy mayor between 2003 and 2005 under Juez. However, the relationship between the two politicians deteriorated after he took office more and more and the party split into two rival wings, with Giacomino and his followers on the side of the Frente para la Victoria of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner presented, Juez but remained at opposition course and later allied with the Socialist Hermes Binner.

In the parliamentary elections in Argentina in 2009 Juez stood as a candidate for the Argentine Senate. Since his election platform Frente Civico, an alliance of the Partido Nuevo with the Partido Socialista and the ARI, in Córdoba among the candidates to the Senate won the most votes, then moved to an office for the period to 2013 in the Senate.

2011 failed Juez again as a candidate in the gubernatorial election, this time against José Manuel de la Sota, who was the choice of 12 % lead decide for themselves. For the office of mayor, he joined this year to not again, but his twin brother Daniel Juez was unsuccessful candidate for Vice of the candidate of his choice alliance Frente Civico, Esteban dominatrix.