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Heads of State

Year of the Wood Buffalo乙丑( at the beginning of the year wood rat甲子)

Syria: 1876/77 ( the year in October )

  • Secured 2.1 Date of birth
  • 2.2 Exact date of birth unknown
  • 2.3 Born about 1565
  • 3.1 First half of
  • 3.2 Second half of


Politics and World Affairs

Siege of Malta

  • MAY 24: The Siege of Fort St. Elmo begins.
  • June 2: Turgutreis appears in front of Malta and supports the besiegers.
  • June 23: The Fort St. Elmo is conquered.
  • July 15: The Ottomans go to storm the fortress of St. Michael on Senglea over.
  • AUGUST 21: The besiegers make a futile assault on Birgu and Senglea.
  • September 8: The Turkish siege ends. The withdrawal of the entire Ottoman fleet lasts until September 12.

More Events in Europe

  • February: The Battle of Affane is one of the last private battles in Ireland. It will be held in the province of Munster, County Waterford between the troops of the Fitzgeralds ( Earl of Desmond ) and Butler ( Earl of Ormonde ). The battle ends with the defeat of the troops of Desmond. Especially the fact that both sides present their private banner during the battle, is an affront to the English crown. Then Elizabeth I ordered the leaders of both lordships to London. While Thomas Butler ( 3rd Earl of Ormonde ) was pardoned as a relative of the Queen, Gerald Fitzgerald and his brothers John and James were arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London. The ensuing power vacuum in Munster in 1569 eventually leads to the first Desmond Rebellion.
  • July 29: In Edinburgh's Holyrood Palace marries her cousin Mary Queen of Scots Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. The hasty marriage soon prepares political problems.
  • Needle collar in the Netherlands against the tightening of heretics edicts by King Philip II



  • JANUARY 26: The Deccan sultanates defeat the South Indian Vijayanagar Empire at the Battle of Talikota devastating, the last great Hindu kingdom disappears.

Science and Technology


Fine Arts

  • Jacopo Tintoretto: Crucifixion
  • The Dutch Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted around 1565 on behalf of the merchant, banker and art collector Nicolaes Jonghelinck one years time cycle of six pictures: The Gloomy Day, The hay harvest, the grain harvest, The Return of the Herd and The Hunters in the Snow. The spring image is lost.

The hay harvest ( early summer)

The grain harvest ( mid-summer )

The Return of the Herd (Autumn )

The Hunters in the Snow (Winter)

  • 1565: Pieter Bruegel the Elder made ​​the line drawing painter and buyers.