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Heads of State

Year of the wood rat甲子( at the beginning of the year, water - pig癸亥)

Syria: 1875 /76 ( the year in October )

  • Secured 3.1 Date of birth
  • 3.2 Exact date of birth unknown


Politics and World Affairs

Holy Roman Empire

  • July 25: It's coming to the throne of change in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation: In the late Ferdinand I, his son Maximilian II, who follows the Reformation draws to a close. He follows his father to as sovereign in Archduchy Austria. Part of the hereditary lands but has bequeathed his other two sons, Ferdinand. Tyrol and the Swabian territories go to Ferdinand II, Inner Austria with Styria, Carinthia, Carniola and Istria (coastal land ) and Friuli ( Gorizia ) is inherited by Charles II. Both brothers are devout Roman Catholics. Maximilian stay Upper and Lower Austria with the residence city of Vienna and the Hungarian- Bohemian lands.
  • Ortenburgers aristocratic conspiracy: Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria attracts the fief of Joachim of Ortenbourg one because of its refusal to make the Reformation reversed in his country.


  • September 4: The troops of the Swedish King Erik XIV conquer the Three Crown War, the Danish ruled Ronneby, massacring more than 2,000 inhabitants, loot the place and burn it down. The refugees in the Holy Cross Church residents are also not spared.



  • The Deccan sultanates join together to form an alliance against Vijayanagar.

Science and Technology

  • David Rötlin created for the Rottweiler administration Pürschgerichtskarte.
  • In Ohrdruf a Latin school was founded.
  • The Edict of Roussillon sets the beginning of the year in France firmly on the 1st of January.


Fine Arts

On May 31 in Venice is tendered by the Council of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco a competition, participate in inter alia Jacopo Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and Giuseppe Salviati. But Tintoretto shows instead of the sketch as it has provided the competition, a complete painting, the glory of St.. St. Roch, which he triggers a scandal and surprises its competitors as well as his clients. The Council therefore be seen not satisfied, but Tintoretto only responds that this was his way of drawing and that he would be willing to give the image of the Scuola. This can not turn down the Scuola, and on 29 June, the competition will be canceled.

  • Pieter Bruegel the Elder paints a picture of Christ carrying the cross. It belongs to the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna
  • The Edo - Wiemken - monument in Jever, Tomb for the 1511 late Edo Wiemken the Younger, regent of the last male domination Jever is completed under his daughter Mary.

Pictures of 1564