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Heads of State · Literature Year

Year of The Water Dog壬戌( at the beginning of the year metal cock辛酉)

Syria: 1873/74 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Holy Roman Empire

  • November 24: Maximilian II is chosen in Frankfurt Roman-German king. Until 1792, Frankfurt Cathedral will be the coronation of German kings and Holy Roman Emperor.


  • In the Edict of Saint- Germain -en- Laye saves on 17 January, the French regent Catherine de 'Medici the Huguenot nobility restricted religious freedom in the Catholic -oriented kingdom. The, also known as first edict religion royal decree allows to investigate the different attitude of the Catholic faith in suburbs or out in the country.

More Events in Europe

  • Cosimo de Medici founded the Tosca niches military order to combat piracy and defend the faith.


  • The Spanish conquistador Pedro González founded in what is now Venezuela, the city of La Asunción.

Science and Technology

  • On May 12, founded by the Jesuit Peter Canisius in Innsbruck under a Latin school as a precursor of the Academic High School and the school system opened on 25 June, 1669 from the University of Innsbruck is clear.
  • King Philip II of Spain founded the Université de Douai Douai, today Université Lille Nord de France, Lille.
  • The merchant Alessio Fontana founded the University of Sassari in Sardinia.
  • On the America map of staff employed at the Spanish Casa de Contratación cartographer Diego Gutiérrez is the first time the name California.
  • The Pünte at Wiltshausen, a small hand-operated ferry is first mentioned.


Fine Arts

  • Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted in oil on wood, the painting The fall of the rebellious angels.