Johannes Acronius Frisius

John Acronius (or Atrocianus ) Frisius (* probably 1520 in the West Frisian village Akkrum, † October 18, 1564 in Basel) was a scholar, physician, astronomer and mathematician.

The humanistic scholar is named after his birthplace Akkrum (municipality Boarnsterhim ). He studied from 1542 in Basel. In 1545 he earned the degree of Bachelor; 1547 the Master of Arts and worked from this year from a professor of mathematics from 1549 as professor of logic at the University of Basel. In 1551 he married Verena Suracher. In 1564, his last year, he obtained a doctorate in medicine. He died of the plague. More than by his Latin poems and humanistic work he achieved fame through his mathematical astronomical works.


  • De motu terrae
  • De sphaera
  • De astrolabio et annuli astronomici confectione
  • Cronicon and Progrosticon astronomica
  • David, Georgen ausz Holand concerning Ertzkätzers warhafftige historians, ..., at Hieronymum Curionem in Basel, 1559
  • Miraculorum quorundam et eorundem effectuum descriptio, 1561