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Year of the Fire Rat丙子( at the beginning of the year Wood Pig乙亥)

Syria: 1827/28 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Switzerland / France

French - Habsburg contrast

  • January 23: After the death of Ferdinand II, his son Charles I. is King of Spain. Thus, the centuries- unlike France, the " surrounded " by the Habsburgs sees itself begins.
  • 13 August: Charles I of Spain, Duke of Burgundy and Francis I of France close the Treaty of Noyon against the will of the Emperor Maximilian I. He assures Charles position in Burgundy domestic and foreign policy and allows the acquisition of the rule in Spain. For Maximilian he means to evacuate in Italy forced to his last positions.

More Events in Europe


  • August 24: The Battle of Marj Dabiq between the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Selim I, the stern, and the Mamluks under the Burdschiyya dynasty ends with the victory of the Ottomans and the death of the Mamluk Sultan al - Ghuri.
  • David II, Negus Nagast of Ethiopia, the Sultanate of Adal defeated in a war of conquest. There it comes to power struggles at the court of the Sultan, which resulted in Prince Mahfuz of Zeila seizes power.


Duke Wilhelm IV and Ludwig X of Bavaria, adopted on April 23 in Ingolstadt, a new Bavarian order. Because in it, among other things, the price and the ingredients of beer are regulated, a passage of the provincial system was later referred to as the "Bavarian Purity Law ".

  • At Augsburg started at the request of the merchant and banker Jacob Fugger the construction of the Fuggerei, the oldest still existing today social settlement in the world. The construction will last until 1521.

Science and Technology

  • December: Thomas More's Utopia state theoretical work will be published at the instigation of Erasmus in Leuven in Latin for the first time.


Fine Arts

  • Lucas Cranach the Elder paints the picture cycle The 10 Commandments.
  • Titian starts working at Assumption.