Hisham Abbas

Mohammad Hisham Mahmoud Mohammad Abbas (born 13 September 1963 Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian singer.

Abbas had numerous hits and is popular in Egypt. His greatest successes were Nari Narain and Habibi Feno. Abbas sang 2007, a duet with the singer living in Germany Safiya. He attracted attention with his religious song Asmaa Allah al - husna.

Abbas grew up in the district of Shubra in Cairo and studied at the American University in Cairo mechanical engineering, but then decided to create a professional career as a musician. He was awarded numerous prizes.



  • Ta'ala Gamby (2007)
  • Sebha Tehebbak (2004)
  • Gowwa F Alby (2002)
  • Habibi Dah (2000-2001)
  • Kalam El Leil (1999)
  • Ya Leila (1997)
  • Hisham (1992 )


  • Ahla Ma Ghanna Hisham Abbas / From The Best of Hisham Abbas
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