Miguel Primo de Rivera

Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja, Marqués de Estella ( born January 8, 1870 in Jerez de la Frontera, † March 16, 1930 in Paris) was a Spanish general and dictator from 1923 to 1930.


Miguel Primo de Rivera was educated at the Military Academy in Madrid. Military glory he acquired mainly from 1895 to 1913 in the fighting in the former Spanish colonies of Cuba, the Philippines and Spanish Morocco. During his time in Morocco, he criticized the government's policy in the colony, leading to multiple dismissal and reinstatement. 1922 and 1923 he was captain general of Catalonia, where its action against the insurgents earned him the dislike of the population.

In agreement with King Alfonso XIII. he built on 13 September 1923, six -year-long military dictatorship that was to end the repeated crises of state. First, he sat as a government a purely military occupation of Directors, in the 1925 civilians were taken while de Rivera from this restructuring, the title " Prime Minister " took. De Rivera stressed from the outset that the dictatorship should be limited. After initial successes such as the decisive victory over the insurgents in Morocco in Alhucemas and a certain economic recovery Primo de Rivera was forced to resign on 28 January 1930 in order to avoid unrest and uprisings.

For years already suffering from diabetes, he died of it shortly afterwards in Paris. Was on April 14, 1931, after a Republican victory in the local elections, the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed.

Primo de Rivera's children José Antonio (1903-1936) and Pilar (1907-1991) founded in 1933, the Spanish fascist movement Falange.