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Year of the Earth Ox己丑(at the beginning of Earth Rat戊子)

Kōki 2549

Syria: 2200/ 01 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January
  • 2.2 in February
  • 2.3 March
  • 2.4 April
  • 2.5 May
  • 2.6 in June
  • 2.7 in July
  • 2.8 August
  • 2.9 September
  • 2:10 October
  • 2:11 November
  • 2:12 December
  • 2:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 3.1 First Quarter
  • 3.2 Second Quarter
  • 3.3 Third Quarter
  • 3.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 3.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs

United States of America


2 Flag of the United States of Brazil, from November 19, 1889



  • March 9: In the Battle of Metemma the Sudanese Mahdi's beat the Ethiopian army under Emperor Yohannes IV, who falls in battle.
  • May 2: The Treaty of Uccialli Italian East Africa is respected by Ethiopia.
  • August 3: In the battle of Toski an Anglo- Egyptian army defeated the Mahdists in Egypt.
  • The Ivory Coast ( Côte d' Ivoire later ) is officially a French protectorate area.


  • January 30: In Mayerling, the Austrian -Hungarian heir to the throne Rudolf and Mary Vetsera found dead under circumstances still not entirely clear.
  • April 23: In Sweden, Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti, which is closely aligned in their political demands in the labor movement in Germany created.
  • APRIL 27: William II, German Emperor and King of Prussia, bored at the Wartburg.
  • MAY 24: The German Reichstag gives his consent to pension and disability insurance.
  • MAY 31: The British Parliament passed the Naval Defence Act and writes so that the Two -Power standard states.
  • October 31: New police regulation with strict regulations on building construction and fire protection of the theaters, circus buildings and public assembly rooms, on the occasion of numerous fires.
  • King Umberto of Italy is on a state visit in Berlin.
  • In the German empire the establishment of the anti-Semitic German Social Party takes place.



  • February 4: The French Company for the Construction of the Panama Canal goes into bankruptcy court, which is about 85,000 creditors damages. The Panama scandal is brewing.
  • April 1: The Berlin newspaper publisher Rudolf Mosse founded the " Berliner Morgenpost newspaper".
  • May 6: The World Exposition in Paris, France, is opened.
  • MAY 19: Ernst Abbe established the Carl- Zeiss -Stiftung, which is approved two days later by the state.
  • MAY 28: The Michelin Group is founded by the brothers Édouard and André Michelin in France.
  • August 18: First German Philatelist in Mainz
  • September 16: The ongoing since August 15 strike by London dockers is settled. The approximately 180,000 located in the industrial dispute workers are essentially their demand of an hourly wage of six pence and a minimum wage of two shillings a day by.
  • September 17: The company Allianz Insurance AG is founded in Munich by Carl von Thieme and Wilhelm von Finck.
  • September 23: The Nintendo company is founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto to produce Hanafuda playing cards.
  • November 4: the operation is completely absorbed on the Vennbahn between Aachen and Luxembourg.
  • Collapse of the stock market Magdeburg, known as Magdeburg sugar crash
  • Miners' strike in the Ruhr

Science and Technology

  • January 8 Herman Hollerith registered the patent on a system for the processing of punched cards and so justifies the mechanical data processing.
  • January 30: The University of Idaho is called by law to life.
  • August 19: On the Eiffel tower meteorological observations are carried out. A lightning strike by an unexpected thunderstorm reared provides new insights for science. Through installed lightning rods notice people on the platform hardly anything.
  • November 7: The German Plankton Expedition returns to Kiel. The finished oceanographic research expedition in the Atlantic Ocean was the world's first, which was dedicated to the plankton.
  • November 23: In San Francisco, for the first time comes a converted Edison Phonograph Jukebox coin operated public used.
  • First description of the dinosaur Triceratops by Othniel Charles Marsh
  • The German geophysicist Ernst von Rebeur - Paschwitz succeed in Potsdam with a horizontal pendulum, the recording of an earthquake in Japan. This was the first recording of a distant earthquake.
  • The German archaeologist Friedrich von Duhn and the German architectural historian Louis Jacobi found during excavations in Pompeii a Doric temple dating from the 6th century BC.
  • Establishment of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific


Fine Arts

  • January: Vincent van Gogh painted three other paintings in the series sunflowers.

Fifteen Sunflowers

Fifteen Sunflowers

  • In Worpswede the artists' colony is founded.