April 20

April 20 is the 110th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 111th in leap years), thus still remain 255 days of the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 2005: After clashes between protesters and national security forces in Ecuador 's President Lucio Gutiérrez ( Partido Sociedad Patriótica ) is issued by the Parliament. The former Vice President Alfredo Palacio is his successor.


Science and Technology




  • 798: The Diocese of Salzburg is raised to an archbishopric after the Great Intercession of Charles, the oldest existing archdiocese in the German language, the suffragan dioceses of Freising, Neuburg, Passau, Regensburg and Saeben are located. Bishop Arn of Salzburg is appointed first Metropolitan Archbishop of Salzburg.
  • 1884: In his encyclical humanum genus damn Pope Leo XIII. Freemasonry. In it he mankind into two opposing groups that are assigned to the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan.


Minor accidents are listed in the sub- items of disaster.

Nature and Environment


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21st Century

  • 2001: Irène Joachim, French soprano
  • 2001: Giuseppe Sinopoli, Italian conductor
  • 2002: Vlastimil Brodsky, Czech actor
  • 2002: Pierre Rapsat, Belgian singer
  • 2003: Bernard Katz, a British biophysicist, Nobel Laureate
  • 2003: Cole Weston, American photographer
  • 2003: Wool Kriwanek, German singer
  • 2003: Daijiro Kato, Japanese motorcycle racer
  • 2006: Martin Amelung, German jurist and criminal lawyer
  • 2006: Maurice de Gandillac, French philosopher
  • 2006: Wolfgang Unzicker, German chess player
  • 2007: Andrew Hill, American jazz pianist and composer
  • 2008: Rudolf Agsten, German politicians
  • 2008: Bebe Barron, American film composer
  • 2008: Frank Michael Beyer, German composer
  • 2011: Tim Hetherington, a British photojournalist and documentary filmmaker
  • 2011: Chris Hondros, American photojournalist
  • 2011: Antonio Tauriello, Argentine composer, conductor and pianist
  • 2012: Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro Escápite, Mexican brigadier general
  • 2012: Peter Carsten, German actor
  • 2012: George Cowan American chemist, philanthropist and entrepreneur

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Johannes Bugenhagen, German reformer (Protestant: Evangelical Church and LCMS )
  • St. Hildegunde, German novice ( Catholic)

More entries contains the list of commemorative and action days.

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