Marietta Slomka

Marietta Slomka ( born April 20, 1969 in Cologne ) is a German journalist and television presenter.


Slomka's father is from East Prussia, her mother from Cologne. After graduation in 1988 at the high school cross street in Cologne Slomka studied Economics and International Politics at the University of Cologne and the University of Kent at Canterbury (England). She graduated in 1995 at the Cologne University with a degree in Economics from. From 1991 to 1996 she was a freelancer for the Media Room at the Institute of the German Economy in Cologne and from 1994 to 1996 the Cologne Rundschau ( local and business section of the newspaper ) operate. After her graduation, she worked as a trainee at Deutsche Welle in Bonn and Cologne and Brussels. For the German wave, she worked as a European correspondent in Brussels until 1998.

For the ZDF Slomka worked from 1998 first as a parliamentary correspondent in Bonn, after the relocation of the German government in Berlin. Your focus in ZDF Berlin studio was the financial and economic policy. In April 2000, she took over the moderation of the news magazine tonight. On 29 January 2001 she appeared as a presenter at heute-journal in the footsteps of Alexander Niemetz. Since then she has worked time and again as a reporter for the now -journal: from 2003 Reports from Eastern Europe at the EU 's eastward expansion in 2005 from Germany for the parliamentary elections, in 2005 from Moscow and at the 2008 Olympic Games in China and on the occasion of the Football World Cup 2010 different countries of Africa.

2002 Slomka was nominated for the German Television Prize information and as a shooting star for the Golden Camera for Best moderation. In 2003 she was nominated again next Claus Kleber and Kloeppel (RTL) for the German Television Award in the same category and in 2005 for the now -journal as the best information program. She produced for ZDF also the Year in pictures a year and participated in documentaries such as The Power of Manager.

In July 2008, ZDF heute-journal showed daily in the documentary series The Move in China, published in the contributions of China and Beijing trip from Marietta Slomka, which were designed and created by her as a reporter. At the same time they live moderated heute-journal shows directly from Beijing.


Marietta Slomka lives in Cologne and regularly commutes to Mainz. Since December 2009 Marietta Slomka is patron of children's hospice for dying children Bethel. On August 28, 2004 married Marietta Slomka the RTL colleague Christof Lang in Upper Bavaria Schliersee. In February 2013, they announced their separation.

Honors and Awards

  • 2009: Adolf Grimme Award 2009 - Special award of the German Adult Education Association (together with Claus Kleber )
  • 2009: Radio Regenbogen Award - Award for Media Women in 2008
  • 2012: Media award for linguistic culture of the Society for German Language ( GfdS ) in the category of television; awarded on May 5
  • 2012: Courage Award of the year 2012 - Special tribute to the courage committee for social engagement and years of support of the Children's Hospice ' Bethel.


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