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The German Television Award is a television award, which was established in October 1998 by the television channels Das Erste, ZDF, RTL and Sat.1. Modelled on the American television Emmy Award, although the German Television Prize is not awarded by a Television Academy. The two former TV Awards Telestar ( Das Erste and ZDF) and Golden Lion (RTL) went on the German Television Award. The award ceremony will take place in late September or early October each year since 1999. So far, all prizes were awarded in Coloneum. In February 2014 it was announced that the shareholders' agreement between ARD, ZDF, RTL and SAT.1 was terminated and thus not be another German TV award more after 2014. Whether 2015 will be a new joint award, remains open.

Criteria of the award ceremony

The aim of the German Television Awards is to promote the quality of the German television program and to recognize excellence for television. Criteria and procedure are governed by a statute.

For the price of all television productions of German origin or with significant creative and economic participation qualified by German authorities which were broadcast nationwide between September 1 of the preceding year and 31 August of the current year. In every price category will be announced weeks three to five nominations before the award not earlier than four. Each nominee will receive a certificate. The winners will receive the prize sculpture and a certificate. Apart from the sponsorship awards the prices are undoped. In addition, prices may like the special prize, the prizes or the prize will be awarded to the donor without prior nomination.

Reform in 2010

In a comprehensive reform ( detailed report: German TV award 2010 # reform of the award ), all other personal categories is deleted (eg for supporting actors and directors ) in advance of the ceremony in 2010, except for the two main characters, special, honors and prizes and in addition a jury and an audience prize added. That gave WDR Director Monika Piel known as this year's chairman of the Donors' Circle. This deletion action sparked protests from the filmmakers, a "unprecedented devaluation of fiction " to see the changes. In an urgent appeal they called the founder on to reconsider these changes again, thus a " disregard of the author and designer of the movies, shows and series " counter. Prior to the award ceremony in 2011, the organizers announced that they intend to maintain the concept of change, thus remain retained the shortened category system.

Extraordinary events

A scandal it was in 2008, when Marcel Reich-Ranicki rejected the its intended Television Award during the gala. He wanted to point out especially to his opinion, poor quality of the program on German television.


About the nominations and winners chosen by an independent jury consisting of nine to twelve members, appointed for two years, with reappointment after this period is possible. The members of the jury will be free to radio and television providers in any labor ratio. Current members are: Moderators Bettina Boettinger and Wigald Boning, actor Tim Bergmann, Stromberg -author Ralf Husmann, Christoph Keese of the Axel Springer AG, TV movie editor in chief Lutz Carstens, Polyphonic Managing Director Beatrice Kramm, " Funkkorrespondenz " editor in chief Dieter stop and journalist Klaudia Wick.

Stations that can be produced or manufactured television productions themselves and the nationwide receivable, the jury can make two suggestions per category. In addition, the jury members may submit proposals without restriction in all categories. Also, professional associations, the right of proposal are given.

For all proposals be by majority vote first three nominations, then selected from the nominations, the winners of the jury.


The first ceremony was held in Cologne on October 2, 1999. Every year is another one of the participating stations host of the ceremony:

1 Anke Engelke & Bastian Pastewka moderated in 2009 in the role of folk music duo Wolfgang & Anneliese. 2 Ilka Bessin moderated in 2013 in the role of overweight long-term unemployed Cindy aus Marzahn.


1 Anke Engelke & Bastian Pastewka moderated in the role of folk music duo Wolfgang & Anneliese. 2 Ilka Bessin moderated in 2013 in the role of overweight long-term unemployed Cindy aus Marzahn.

Award winners

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Prizes, Awards and Honors

2007: Price of the offended viewers for the "buy " from "fans" on the award 2006 in Cologne Ossendorf.