Heinz Melkus

Heinz Melkus ( born April 20, 1928 in Dresden, † September 5, 2005 ) was a German racing driver and constructor of racing cars.

After the end of World War II, Heinz Melkus was hauliers in the ruins of Dresden. Until 1949 he worked as a truck driver and later as an employee, before he began training as a management assistant in the Dresden community college.

In 1951 Melkus at a car race on the highway spider in Dresden Hellerau the motor sport in itself. From the 1960s Melkus race cars were manufactured in his workshop (see car brand Melkus ). The East German sports car Melkus RS 1000 with 101 copies on the basis of Wartburg, but with plastic body, wing doors and a power range of 70 to 100 hp (street or race version ), this was the highlight of his designer's work. In addition to his six GDR championships Heinz Melkus won three times the title of " Cup of Peace and Friendship ", the European CMEA countries.

Melkus won his 200 driven in 80 races and was the most successful and, according to the trade press also popular motor sports in the GDR. In 1977, he announced his retirement from motor sport.

After the turn, he managed to open a car dealership for BMW as the first dealer in the former GDR. Melkus died in Dresden in 2005 and was buried at the cemetery in Bühlau.

He was the father of Ulli Melkus Melkus and Peter and is married to Johanna Melkus.