Mary Hoffman

Mary Hoffman ( born April 20, 1945 in Eastleigh, Hampshire) is a British children's book author. From her pen has written about 80 novels.

Hoffman grew up in London. From 1964 she studied English Literature at Cambridge University. In 1968 she joined the University of London and graduated in 1970 with a degree in linguistics from.

In the same year she began work on her first book, White Magic, which was published in 1975. Your fantasy story Stravaganza took place in 2008 with the band city of secrets their previous statements. It will follow probably more volumes.

Mary Hoffman is the editor of a journal for children's literature and one in England very successful author of numerous children 's books. She lives with her ​​husband and daughters in West Oxfordshire.

Hoffman is married to Stephen Barber since 1972. Together they have three daughters. The oldest, Rhiannon Lassiter, is itself active as an author.