Charles D. Hall

Charles Daniel Hall ( born April 20, 1888 in Norwich, Norfolk, England; † April 8, 1970 in Los Angeles, California ) was a British-American production designer.


Charles D. Hall began his career as a set designer in the theater owner Fred Karno in London. Here he became friends with the later world-famous comedian Charles Chaplin. By 1910, Hall moved across Canada to the United States. When Universal Pictures, he received a contract. For 27 years he worked for the studio and worked again and again along with Chaplin. After problems in the espionage drama The Road Back by James Whale Hall joined Hal Roach. His very first film for the new studio ( We're doing so magnificently ) earned him an Academy Award nomination in 1939. A year later, followed by another nomination, this time for the adventure movie chain gang in Australia. Until his career end of 1955 Charles D. Hall was responsible for the equipment of over 100 movies. In the last two years he was there working for television.

In his spare time was Charles D. Hall his hobby of landscape painting after. His house in Hollywood, he bought by the then aspiring actor John Wayne. On April 8, 1970, he died in Los Angeles. His great- nephew, the director Matthew Charles Hall, devoted his short film In the Land of Phantoms to the memory of his great-uncle.

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