April 9

April 9 is the 99th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 100th in leap years), thus 266 days remain until the end of the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0193: The troops in Pannonia call Septimius Severus as a rival emperor to Didius Julianus. He is the third emperor of the second year of the Four Emperors in the Roman Empire.
  • 1217: Peter of Courtenay is in Rome by Pope Honorius III. anointed Emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople Opel. However, he exerts his rule from a single day, as it set on the way to Constantinople Opel and is being held until his death.
  • 2003: American troops bring the Saddam statue in Baghdad on Firdosplatz to collapse. For Iraq war is considered symbolically as completed.


Science and Technology





  • 0037: Antioch is destroyed by an earthquake.
  • 1947: In the U.S. states of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma the Glazier - Higgins - Woodward Tornadoes calls 167 lives.

Minor accidents are listed in the sub- items of disaster.


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Before the 19th century

19th century

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0092: Yuan An, Chinese politician
  • 0491: Zenon, Byzantine Emperor
  • 0715: Constantine I, Pope
  • 0806: Kammu, the 50th emperor of Japan
  • 1024: Benedict VIII, Pope
  • 1241: Henry II, and Henry the Pious, Duke of Wrocław, Poland
  • 1283: Margrete Aleksandersdotter, Norwegian Queen
  • 1483: Edward IV, second son of Richard Plant Agent, Duke of York
  • 1548: Gonzalo Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador
  • 1553: François Rabelais, writers of the French Renaissance
  • 1557 Mikael Agricola, a Finnish theologian and reformer
  • 1591: Aemilia of Saxony, wife of the Ansbacher Margrave George the Pious
  • 1613: John Caselius, German humanist, jurist and philologist

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Emil Carlebach, German resistance fighter and politician, Member of Parliament
  • 2002: Jürgen Hartmann, German cabaret artist
  • 2002: Leopold Vietoris, Austrian mathematician
  • 2002: Pat Flaherty, American race car driver
  • 2003: Jorge Oteiza, Spanish sculptor and painter
  • 2004: Hannelore Valencak, Austrian writer
  • 2004: Martin Rickelt, German actor
  • 2004: His Lwin, Myanmar military and politicians
  • 2005: Andrea Dworkin, American feminist, sociologist and writer
  • 2005: Jerzy Grzegorzewski Polish theater director
  • 2005: Anton Heyboer, Dutch painter
  • 2005: Elsbeth Janda, German writer and cabaret performer
  • 2005: Jerrel Wilson, U.S. American football player
  • 2006: Gordon Terry, American country musician
  • 2007: Egon Bondy, Czech poet and philosopher
  • 2007: Heinz -Georg Sievers, German physician and Handball Players
  • 2008: Bengt Johansson, Swedish wrestler
  • 2009: Adam Werner, German journalist and specialist in German
  • 2011: Sidney Lumet, American film director
  • 2012: Carol Adams, American dancer and actress
  • 2012: Ivan Nagel, German theater director

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian and martyr (Protestant and Anglican)
  • St. Waltraud of Mons, Frankish nobles and monasteries founder ( Catholic)
  • Name Days Waltraud

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