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Year of the Fire Hare丁卯( at the beginning of the year Fire Tiger丙寅)

Syria: 2178/79 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January
  • 2.2 February / March
  • 2.3 April / May
  • 2.4 June / July
  • 2.5 August
  • 2.6 September
  • 2.7 October / November
  • 2.8 December
  • 2.9 Exact date of birth unknown
  • 3.1 January to April
  • 3.2 from May to August
  • 3.3 from September to December
  • 3.4 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs

North German Confederation

  • February 24: Inaugural meeting of the North German Reichstag. With August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht, the first Social Democrats are members of the Reichstag of the North German Confederation.
  • MARCH 27: Lex Bennigsen
  • April 11: Prussia and the Grand Duchy of Hesse include offensive and defensive alliance.

Austria - Hungary

  • FEBRUARY 27: The resolved after the Hungarian Revolution Hungarian parliament is restored as part of the Austro-Hungarian compensation. It replaces the existing parliament twice in between.
  • March 15: contract signing of the Austro- Hungarian compromise, creation of Austria - Hungary
  • June 8: With the ceremonial coronation of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elisabeth King of Hungary couple find the Austro- Hungarian balancing a festive conclusion. The Magyars are reconciled with the House of Habsburg again.
  • December 21: Emperor Franz Joseph I in December sanctioned the Constitution.

More Events in Europe


United States of America

  • March 30: The Russian Tsarist Empire sold Alaska for 7.2 million U.S. dollars to the United States. American media calls the run by Foreign Secretary William H. Seward in the ways Alaska Purchase for the purchase of Russian America as madness. The treaty is ratified on 9 April by the United States, the handover ceremony will take place on October 18.
  • AUGUST 28: The Midway Islands are annexed by the United States, citing their law Guano Islands Act.


  • March 29: The British Parliament decided the Constitutional Act of 1867 to the creation of the Dominion of Canada, the first of many British North America Acts, which forms the basis of the Constitution of Canada.
  • July 1: The Canadian confederation is independent of the UK.
  • August 7 to September 20: Canadian General Election 1867



World Exhibition in Paris

Postal and banking services

  • JANUARY 28: Prussia concludes with the Princely House of Thurn und Taxis an agreement on the abolition of the private postal service, which will take effect from 1 July.
  • March 15: In Austria, the postal order is introduced in payments.


  • The Swedish Industrial Alfred Nobel can be dynamite, his invention of 1866 patented.
  • Joseph Monier receives a patent for his invention, the reinforced concrete ( therefore, the reinforcing steel or rebar is still sometimes referred to as ' Moniereisen ')

Business start-ups

  • February 22: George Mortimer Pullman is based in the U.S., the Pullman Palace Car Company for the manufacture of railroad cars, especially of sleeping cars.
  • March 10: The first edition of the Neue Wiener Tageblatt, one of Austria's most widely circulated newspapers before 1938, appears.
  • March 16: The classification society Germanischer Lloyd is based in Hamburg, one of the later major international classification societies of IACS
  • March 29: In the creation of the Barmen Barmen Bank Corporation, which is developing into one of the largest German banks made ​​later.
  • The private New York Bridge Company was founded and has received the right by law to build is designed by John August Roebling Bridge over the East River. Construction of Brooklyn Bridge begins in 1870 and will last more than 13 years.
  • The American game manufacturer Selchow & Righter is founded.


Science and Technology

  • Werner von Siemens ( knighted in 1888) published his invention of the dynamo (main circuit machine). Charles Wheatstone gave a presentation on his invention, the shunt machine.
  • Robert William Thomson invents the solid rubber tires.
  • In Kansas, the skeleton of a Elasmosaurus is found.