May 11

May 11 is the 131st day of the Gregorian calendar ( 132nd in leap years), thus remaining 234 days of the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 415 BC: In Athens, which is currently in the midst of the preparations for the expedition Sicily during the Peloponnesian War against Sparta, are found numerous Hermen with decapitated head in the morning. Suspected of Hermenfrevels is why, among other things the commander Alcibiades, but the process is shifted so as not to delay his departure.
  • 0330: Emperor Constantine the Great inaugurated after several years of construction, the previous one Byzantium under the name Nova Roma and makes it the capital of the Roman Empire. After his death, the city is named Konstantin Opel.
  • 1189: In Regensburg breaks and a half years after the conquest of Jerusalem by the Ayyubids under Saladin with a multi thousand -strong army of Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa of the Third Crusade.
  • 1258: James I of Aragon by the Treaty of Corbeil are hereditary claims on two French counties, while in return the King of France Louis IX. the whereabouts of North Catalonia and Barcelona to the Kingdom of Aragon recognizes.
  • 1484: The army of Emperor Frederick III. under the leadership of Kaspar von Roggendorfstraße who wants to relieve the besieged city of Hungarian troops under Tobias of Boskowitz and Černahora Korneuburg, suffered in the Battle of Leitzersdorf a heavy defeat. With this victory, the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus, the great parts of the Habsburg hereditary lands occupied holding, at the same time put his opponent any chance of reclaiming these territories.


Science and Technology

  • 0868: In China, the Diamond Sutra is produced as woodblock print. This document with texts of Mahayana Buddhism is the oldest pressure -Bucher testimony of history.


  • 2003: A sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini, the Saliera ( a salt shaker ) is stolen in the night on Sunday from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.
  • 2010: The Centre Pompidou- Metz will be opened by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Metz.



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Nature and Environment


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Before the 19th century

19th century

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Before the 20th century

  • 0907: Egilmar, Bishop of Osnabrück
  • 0912: . Leo VI, Byzantine Emperor
  • 0940: Eutychios of Alexandria, Melkite Patriarch of Alexandria
  • 0994: Maiolus, Abbot of Cluny
  • 1028: Landry, Count of Nevers
  • 1271: Henry I of Raron, Bishop of Sion
  • 1589: Johann Lüdinghusen, Mayor of Lübeck
  • 1621: Johann Arndt, German theologian nachreformatorischer
  • 1662: Johann Adlzreiter of Tettenweis, German lawyer and politician
  • 1660: Christoph Althofer, German Lutheran theologian
  • 1662: Joachim von der Marwitz, German soldier and court official
  • 1708: Jules Hardouin -Mansart, French architect
  • 1778: William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, British politician, MP, Lord Privy Seal, Prime Minister
  • 1849: Otto Nicolai, German composer
  • 1849: Stephan Ludwig Roth, Transylvanian Saxon writer, school reformers and politicians
  • 1853: Vincent Ferreri Dominic Kuenzer, German Roman Catholic priest, Member of Parliament, Member of the National Assembly in Frankfurt
  • 1857 Eugène François Vidocq, French criminal
  • 1859: John of Austria, Austrian field marshal, German Regent
  • 1865: Carl Högl, Austrian city architect in Vienna
  • 1866: George Edmund Badger, American politician
  • 1867: Johann Friedrich Hermann Albers, German physician and pathologist
  • 1871: John Herschel, British astronomer
  • 1873: Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, Cuban lawyer and freedom fighter
  • 1877: Johann Heinrich Achterfeld, German theologian, professor and publisher
  • 1881: Henri -Frédéric Amiel, Swiss writer and philosopher
  • 1888: Frederick Miller, founder of the U.S. Miller Brewing Company
  • 1891: Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, French physicist
  • 1891: Eugène Ortolan, French jurist, diplomat and composer

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Douglas Adams, British author
  • 2001: Klaus Schlesinger, German writer
  • 2003: Noel Redding, British guitarist and bassist
  • 2004: John Whitehead, American musician and producer
  • 2006: Floyd Patterson, American boxing champion
  • 2007: Tanumafili II, Head of State of Samoa
  • 2008: Eugen Jesser, president and director of the Vienna Boys' Choir
  • 2009: Manfred Riedel, German philosopher
  • 2009: Mike Staab, German music producer and DJ
  • 2011: Branko Karabatic, Yugoslav handball goalkeeper and coach

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances Johann Arndt, German minister ( Protestant)
  • St. Cyril of Thessalonica, Byzantine abbot, missionary and theologian ( Orthodox)
  • St. Methodius of Thessalonica, Byzantine missionary, theologian and Bishop ( Orthodox)

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