Wilhelm Windelband

Wilhelm diaper belt ( born May 11, 1848 in Potsdam, † October 22, 1915 in Heidelberg) was a German philosopher, professor, representatives of neo-Kantianism, the so-called value philosophy and founder of the Southwest German school or so-called " Baden school."

Life and work

Diaper band was born as the son of a Prussian officer in Potsdam. He studied at the universities of Jena, Berlin and Göttingen first medicine and natural sciences, history continues to science and philosophy. In 1870 he received his doctorate in Göttingen. He participated as a volunteer in the Franco-German War. In 1873 he was habilitated at the University of Leipzig (see overview below of the courses diaper bands at the University of Leipzig from 1873 to the summer semester summer semester 1876). In 1876 he accepted a position as full professor at the University of Zurich, 1877 at the Albert -Ludwigs- University of Freiburg and 1882 at the University of Strasbourg, where he worked the longest. In 1903 he went to follow his teacher Kuno Fischer at the Ruprecht -Karls- University of Heidelberg. Since that time, diaper band was also a corresponding member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Diaper band appeared first as a historian of philosophy, is his teacher, following Kuno Fischer, in appearance, then, outgoing as one of its more significant systematic, herein his teacher Hermann Lotze. Lotze, who distinguished the range of beings, who ( according to Kant ) by quaestio facti conveyed by factive knowledge conditions, and the area of ​​the Applicable which appears mediated by quaestio iuris for active conditions of its realization, let the quaestio iuris of the quaestio facti enter into dependency. This relationship is reversed diaper band by determining that must be considered as faktive ( active ) truth, which arises before a valid judgment.

Diaper band strove especially to the distinction between natural sciences and cultural studies ( humanities). The science process " nomothetic ", ie they describe their subject by general laws. Cultural studies have, however, to do with the unique, the individual and particular, they proceed " idiographic ".

Diaper band also emerged as a historian of philosophy. His textbook of the history of philosophy in 1892 went through many editions and was continued by Heinz Heimsoeth. His most important disciple was Heinrich Rickert.

Wilhelm diaper tape was laid to rest at the Heidelberg Mountain Cemetery. His tomb is decorated with a simple tomb, a square lying in granite, on which the survival data from Wilhelm diaper band, are noted his wife Martha diaper band and their daughter Elly Stutz, born diaper band. The tomb is located in the department of X, it is right after the Forest Department.