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Heads of State · obituary

Year of the Water Dragon壬辰( at the beginning of the year metal rabbit辛卯)

Syria: 2143/44 ( the year in October )

  • 2.1 January
  • 2.2 in February
  • 2.3 March
  • 2.4 April
  • 2.5 May
  • 2.6 in June
  • 2.7 in July
  • 2.8 August
  • 2.9 September
  • 2:10 October
  • 2:11 November
  • 2:12 December
  • 2:13 Accurate birth unknown
  • 3.1 First Quarter
  • 3.2 Second Quarter
  • 3.3 Third Quarter
  • 3.4 Fourth Quarter
  • 3.5 More death unknown


Politics and World Affairs


  • February 6: Otto of Wittelsbach is to climb as King Otto I the Greek throne.
  • May 7: At the London Conference, Britain, France and Russia Greece to make some as an independent kingdom and with Otto of Wittelsbach as its future ruler agree. For his loss of territory, the Ottoman Empire is financially compensated.
  • August 8: The National Assembly in Nafplio selects the Wittelsbach Otto I, King of Greece.
  • August 30: A London Protocol of the Protecting Powers demarcates the territory of the Kingdom of Greece from the Ottoman Empire.

German Bund

  • May 27: The call of Philipp Jakob Siebenpfeiffer and Johann Georg August Wirth to march on the Maxburg, Hambach Castle, followed by about 30,000 people from all walks of life and many nations. Until May 30 Democrats and National celebrate the Hambach Festival for unity and freedom in Germany under the black - red-gold flag.
  • July 5th: In the German Confederation the use of political badges is prohibited by law. The aims particularly to black -red-gold as a sign of national sentiments. In response to the Hambach Festival also press, association and assembly are severely restricted.
  • Introduction of the new official title " Mayor " instead of the hitherto customary " mayor "

More Events in Europe

South America

United States of America

  • August 27: With the capture of the resulting chief Black Hawk, the last Indian War ends east of the Mississippi River in the United States.
  • November 24: The Parliament of South Carolina raises valid customs laws of the State in the years 1828 and 1832 in its territory. It solves so from the Nullifikationskrise. U.S. President Andrew Jackson then sets several ships of the Navy to Charleston in March.
  • December 28: With John C. Calhoun first enters Vice President of the United States back from the office. Cause is his doctrine in the Nullifikationskrise, a state could declare federal laws on its territory to be invalid.


  • June 5: As a result of the Belgian Revolution is introduced as a new currency, the Belgian franc, which is coupled in its value for many years to the French franc.
  • September 26: The Göta Canal in Sweden is opened. This would allow the passage of the Sound, and thus the Sundzoll to Denmark be avoided.

Science and Technology


The journey of the HMS Beagle
  • January 6: After Madeira has been passed only from orientation reasons, Tenerife is the first stop the HMS Beagle. However, Charles Darwin may just like the rest of the crew go because of a quarantine imposed not on land.
  • January 16: On the Cape Verde island of Santiago, there are the first opportunity for a shore leave.
  • February 28: The HMS Beagle since reached the South American coast in Salvador Bahia and anchored in the Bay of All Saints, continue to Rio de Janeiro and the beginning of the survey work.
  • September 22: Charles Darwin discovered near Bahía Blanca in Punta Alta his first fossils.
Other expeditions
  • February 21: An English Antarctic Expedition under John Biscoe discovered the Graham Land islands.
  • July 13: Henry Rowe Schoolcraft place with the Lake Itasca, the source of the Mississippi River.


  • November 26: In New York, the first tram in the world, a horse tramway goes into operation.

Natural sciences


Fine Arts

  • The first class of the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture begins training.