June 30

The June 30 is the 181st day of the Gregorian calendar ( 182nd in leap years), thus still 184 days remain until the end of the year. On June 30, a leap second is inserted when needed.

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Before the 19th century

19th century

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0718: Erentrudis of Salzburg, German Benedictine nun, saint
  • 1139: Otto of Bamberg, sainted Bishop of Bamberg
  • 1224: Adolf of Tecklenburg, Bishop of Osnabrück and Catholic saint
  • 1364: Ernst of Pardubice, Czech cleric, politician and archbishop of Prague
  • 1388: John II, Bishop of Chur
  • 1455: Dorino I. Gattilusio, Archon of Lesbos
  • 1466: Peter of Aragon, Portuguese politician and military
  • 1520: Moctezuma II, ruler of the Aztec Empire
  • 1522: John Reuchlin, German philosopher and humanist
  • 1540: Thomas Abel, English clergyman

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Stephen Ailes, American politician
  • 2001: Chet Atkins, American country singer
  • 2001: Joe Henderson, American jazz musician
  • 2002: Richard Allen, American session musician
  • 2005: Clancy Eccles, Jamaican musician and producer
  • 2006: Robert Gernhardt, German writer
  • 2007: George Staudacher, Austrian theater director, screenwriter and actor
  • 2009: Pina Bausch, German dancer and choreographer, dance teacher and ballet director
  • 2010: Lolita, Austrian pop singer, actress and TV presenter
  • 2011: Emil Petrovic, Hungarian composer
  • 2011: Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky, Archbishop of Berlin
  • 2012: Gad Beck, German - Jewish resistance fighters
  • 2012: Manfred Buchenwald, German journalist
  • 2012: Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli Prime Minister
  • 2013: Richard Fehr, Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Church

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances First Holy Martyrs of Rome, Roman martyr (Protestant, Catholic)
  • St Otto of Bamberg, German Kaplan, founders of monasteries and Bishop (Protestant, Catholic)
  • St. Erentrudis of Salzburg, Frankish abbess, virgin and patroness ( Catholic)
  • Name Days Otto
  • State Holidays and observances Democratic Republic of Congo: independence from Belgium (1960 )

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