Giuseppe Farina

Giuseppe " Nino " Farina ( born October 30, 1906 in Turin, † June 30, 1966 at Chambéry ) was an Italian race car driver and the first Formula 1 world champion in history.


Nino Farina was a PhD economist and a nephew of the designer Battista Farina Car ( Pininfarina ). Farina started his racing career in 1933 with an Alfa Romeo and 1936 was a member of the work team. The dominance of German brands Mercedes -Benz and Auto Union prevented success in the Grand Prix class, but in the displacement weaker Voiturette class (similar to the later formula 2), he scored some victories. After the war, he contested race in a private Maserati and won, among others, the GP of Monaco 1948.

In 1950 he joined the Alfa Romeo team, which also includes Luigi Fagioli and Juan Manuel Fangio were so spoken of "Team of the three major Fs ". With three Grand Prix victories he secured 1950, Juan Manuel Fangio, the first ever discharged Formula 1 World Championship. His last Grand Prix victory celebrated Farina 1953 at the age of 47 at the Grand Prix of Germany. In 1956 he ended his racing career and tried then as car dealers, driving instructors and body designer with his uncle Pinin Farina.

On June 30, 1966 Nino Farina accident on a public road in Chambery deadly as he drove against a telegraph pole.


Pre-war Grand Prix Results

1 Farina dropped out in the first round and took over at about halfway through the race the car from Brivio. Together, they were fifth.

2 Farina retired on lap 13 and took about at half time the car Nuvolaris. They occupied the seventh place.

Statistics in Formula 1

Grand Prix victories

Individual results

1 Farina was driving the vehicle with the No. 34 up to its failure. He then took over the car with the number 40 by Felice Bonetto and crossed the finish line in third place.

2 Farina was driving the vehicle with the No. 28 up to its failure. He then took over the vehicle with the number 32 by André Simon. Also, this vehicle was eliminated.

3 Farina was driving the vehicle with the No. 10 This he handed to Maurice Trintignant, who eventually gave it to Umberto Maglioli. The No. 10 car was third. Farina then took over the vehicle with the # 12 of José González Froilán. Also this vehicle he finally handed over to Trintignant. The car No. 12 was second.

Le Mans results