1937 Grand Prix season

The Grand Prix 1937 season was marked by the duel between the German " Silver Arrow " racing stables Mercedes could (among other things with the drivers Caracciola, von Brauchitsch and Lang), the sit up with the powerful new Mercedes -Benz W125; and Auto Union (including with drivers Rosemeyer, Stuck and Fagioli ). Because these teams have been generously funded by the German Government, were the other race teams, particularly Alfa Romeo and Maserati granted only minor successes.

In addition to the Grands Prix listed in this article found in 1937 still held many smaller national race.

Race Results

GP of Tripoli

The Grand Prix of Tripoli on the high speed line from Mellaha in Tripoli in the Libyan desert on May 9, 1937 marked by the duel of the two German teams who took the first eight places in the final result. At the end of Mercedes driver Hermann Lang was able to save driver Bernd Rosemeyer, who began a furious comeback after a botched pit stop, finish a narrow lead of about 10 seconds before the Auto Union.


The AVUS in Berlin had been equipped with a new, up to 44 ° inflated steep curve and was the scene of the race on May 30, 1937. The cars were equipped with more powerful engines and some with a separate, streamlined body and reached in training an average of up to 284 km / h Approximately 300 - to 400,000 spectators watched the race, which was held in three rounds and won again at the Mercedes driver Hermann Lang.


The Eifel Race at the Nürburgring on June 13, 1937 was seen by the teams in preparation for the later held in the GP of Germany. Bernd Rosemeyer won for the third consecutive time at the Nurburgring by Caracciola, who was plagued by problems with the fuel pump.

Vanderbilt Cup

The most important European teams took the long boat trip up, to compete in the Vanderbilt Cup at the Roosevelt Raceway in Long Iceland (USA ) with the U.S. racing stables. The two days because of rain postponed race was held on 5 July 1937, saw Auto Union pilot Bernd Rosemeyer as the winner.

GP of Belgium

Since the cars were not timely returned by the Vanderbilt Cup, took the GP of Belgium at Spa- Francorchamps on July 11, 1937, only eight vehicles in part. At the end of Rudolf Hasse was able to reach his only major victory at a Grand Prix.

GP of Germany

The Grand Prix of Germany at the Nürburgring on July 25, 1937 came to disaster for Auto Union. Although Rosemeyer dominated the training, but fell in the race after a puncture far back. Tragically the accident was the young drivers Ernst von Delius, who succumbed to his injuries the next day. Caracciola and von Brauchitsch were able to celebrate a Mercedes- two victory.

GP of Monaco

At the GP of Monaco on August 8, 1937 Mercedes celebrated a triple success. The winner was the " Unlucky " von Brauchitsch, because he ignored team orders and Caracciola despite fierce gestures of Alfred Neubauer not allowed to overtake. Noteworthy was the third place of the Swiss Mercedes young driver Christian Kautz.

Coppa Acerbo

The Coppa Acerbo took place at the Circuito di Pescara Pescara in Italy on August 15. Alfa Romeo tried to make amends with the new Alfa Romeo12C/37, ground against the German team, but hardly succeeded. Although he had ruined a tire during a kilometer and with three wheels to the box had to go back, Bernd Rosemeyer won the superior race.

GP of Switzerland

Switzerland's GP was held on 22 August 1937 in Bremgarten. On a wet track "Rain Master " Caracciola was once again up to his reputation and celebrated a comfortable win. Tazio Nuvolari, who has surprisingly been committed by Auto Union, was not yet cope with the unusual mid-engine car and had Rosemeyer, who was already eliminated in the second round, leave his vehicle to half of the race.

GP of Italy

The Italian Grand Prix was held the only time on a 7 -kilometer track at Livorno and took place on 12 September 1937. The Italian organizers were hoping that Alfa Romeo could be equal on this route the all-powerful German team, but that was not the case. The whole race, the Mercedes drivers Caracciola and Lang delivered a thrilling duel, which gained prominence with not only 0.5 seconds at the end Caracciola.

Masaryk GP

The Masaryk GP on 26 September 1937, fought again on the 29 km long Masaryk Circuit in Brno. In a serious accident Hermann Lang came off the track, two spectators were killed. Initially led Rosemeyer, but had to retire after a brake failure. He took Mueller's car, but reached only the third place. The victory went to Rudolf Caracciola.

Donington GP

The GP at Donington on October 2, 1937, the first major international race in the UK, the British drivers and teams were so far remained largely among themselves. English cars - mainly ERAs - could neither compete with the German vehicles like the other teams throughout the season, and so the victory went to Bernd Rosemeyer. It was his last triumph, almost four months later he was killed.

Final Championship

Only the Grands Prix of Belgium, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland and Italy belonged to the Grand Prix championship. European champion Rudolf Caracciola.

Scoring: There was 1 point for the winner, 2 points for the second and 3 points for the third party. 4-7 points was awarded to the driver who drove at least 75 %, 50 %, 25 % and less than 25% of the race distance. 8 points received all who have the race not contested.