Raymond Sommer

Raymond Sommer ( born August 31, 1906 in Mouzon (Ardennes ). † September 10, 1950 in Cadours, Dep Haute -Garonne ) was a French racing driver.


The son of aviation pioneer was due to a spirited driving style nicknamed " Raymond Lionheart ". Summer refused all offers of the big factory teams and was rather his own boss. The inferiority of his private car, he tried to make up for with courage and driving skill. Into the limelight Raymond Sommer moved by his two wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1932 and 1933, where he claimed illness of his partner drove in 1932 over 21 hours. More sports car successes followed, among them the victory in the GP of France 1935.

After the war, he contested race with a BMW 328 and Maserati and won the 1946 GP of St. Cloud near Paris. In the first World Cup in 1950, he took up on a private Ferrari and Talbot -Lago. His most notable race was the GP of Belgium on 18 June 1950 in which he could keep up with the superior Alfa Romeos, but had to retire due to a defect.

On September 10, 1950 he attended a French Formula 2 race, the " Trophée de Haute -Garonne " in Cadours, in part. In the fifth lap of the race, the steering broke on his twin Cooper 1100, after which he went off in a fast curve of the track and possibly sustain fatal injuries.

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