1933 24 Hours of Le Mans

The eleventh 24 - hour race at Le Mans, the 11th Grand Prix d' Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans, took place from 17 to June 18, 1933 held at the Circuit des 24 Heures.

The race

29 vehicles were set on the Saturday morning of the 17th June to the Le Mans start. The field was dominated by the sports cars of the Alfa Romeo brand. The two plant -8C had the short chassis of the Mille Miglia version. At last year's winner Raymond Sommer the top Italian driver Tazio Nuvolari joined the team. Luigi Chinetti, the year before that, a partner of summer, drove the second trailer, with the Frenchman Philippe de Gunsburg as a partner. In the private Alfas were among others Louis Chiron, Franco Cortese and the young Algerians Guy Moll.

The largest displacement car was the 6.9 -liter Duesenberg of the Romanian Prince Nicholas. Jean Trévoux drove back the old Birkin Bentley, and the brand Singer and Riley gave their Le Mans debut.

In the first phase of the race, both the Bentley and the Duesenberg was able to keep the fast initial pace of Raymond Sommer. But the journey from Trévoux ended in the outlet zone of the Mulsanne, where the Bentley got stuck after a spin. And since the Duesenberg was refilled too early, the Romanian prince had to be disqualified.

During the night, a three-way battle between the Summer, the Chinetti and the Chiron team developed. As Nuvolari lost 16 minutes in the pits because the fuel tank was leaking, Cortese took over the lead. As Cortese had a serious accident just before the end, the last hour became one of the most exciting in the Le Mans history. Eight minutes before the end of the leading Nuvolari had to pit again because he already lost fuel, and Chinetti could happen to him. Nuvolari gave chase and in the last round The lead changed three times. As Chinetti tried to overtake again just before the finish, he was blocked by a slower car and almost lost control of the Alfa Romeo. Nuvolari won with 10 seconds ahead. Chinetti had been promised by a sponsor of a winning bonus of 60,000 francs before the race, whether he received a spirited driving style and for the second place overall.

A serious accident had Odette Siko, the dominion lost in the Arnage curve over their Alfa Romeo. The car felled several trees, remained on the roof lie and caught fire. Madame Siko escaped with a broken arm, but never went to Le Mans.


Pilot after Nations

  • Oldest Driver: United Kingdom Auguste Bertelli (53 years )
  • Youngest Driver: Algeria Guy Moll (23 years)

Final ranking

Only in the message list

Here are the teams, drivers and vehicles that were originally registered for the competition, but it did not participate for various reasons.

Class winner

Race data

  • Reported: 42
  • Starter: 29
  • Weather during the race weekend: warm and sunny
  • Distance: 13.492 km
  • Distance of the winning team: 3144.038 km
  • Winners section: 131.001 km / h
  • Fastest race lap: Raymond Sommer - Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 mm (# 11) - 5.31.400 = 146.386 km / h