1924 24 Hours of Le Mans

The second 24 - hour race at Le Mans, 2e Grand Prix d' Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans, was held from June 14 to 15 in 1924 at the Circuit des 24 Heures.

The race

After the bad experience with the weather in 1923, when the race was held in May, the Automobile Club de l' Ouest moved the race on the second weekend in June. The regulations have been adapted, so it was now allowed only after twenty laps, replenish fuel, water and oil. Of the 40 starters, only one vehicle did not come from France. John Duff and Frank Clement had revised its year - Bentley and now equipped with front brakes. Three Sunbeam were indeed reported, but did not appear to training and racing.

In contrast to the quiet last year's race, the event was marked in 1924 by numerous failures. After 12 hours, 19 cars had already failed, two of them already in the first hour of the race. The initial phase of the race was dominated by last year's winner André Lagache, who managed to get away after record laps from the field. Lagache but fell just like the long leading Lorraine -Dietrich B3 -6 by Bloch and Stalter, who remained lying by 1 clock in the morning with engine failure. Thus the way was clear for Duff and Clement, who imports the first overall victory for Bentley despite a long pit stop for lunch on Sundays.


Pilot after Nations

  • Oldest Starter: France Gaston Delalande (50 years)

Final ranking

1 accident in training

Only in the message list

Here are the teams, drivers and vehicles that were originally registered for the competition, but it did not participate for various reasons.

Class winner

Race data

  • Reported: 46
  • Started: 41
  • Counted: 14
  • Racing classes: 6
  • Attendance: unknown
  • Honorary starter of the race: unknown
  • Weather during the race weekend: dry and hot
  • Distance: 17.262 km
  • Travel time of the winning team: 24:00:00,000 hours
  • Total rounds of the winning team: 120
  • Total distance of the winning team: 2077.340 km
  • Winners section: 86.555 km / h
  • Pole Position: unknown
  • Fastest race lap: André Lagache - Chenard Walcker & (# 3) - 9.19.000 = 111.168 km / h
  • Race series: counted at any racing series

Pictures of 1924 24 Hours of Le Mans