The Société des Automobiles Brasier was a French manufacturer of automobiles. The trademark was a four leaf clover.

Company History

The designer Henri Brasier founded the company in 1905 after he had separated from his partner Georges Richard in Richard - Brasier. Before the First World War, the company sold about a thousand vehicles annually. 1919, the production was resumed, however, was broadly flat. In 1926 the manager Chaigneau the company and renamed it Chaigneau - Brasier.


Rolling stock

The enterprises established models with two-, four - and six-cylinder engines before 1914. Among others, there were the models 11 CV 12 CV 15 CV and 16 CV. 1919 was followed by the four-cylinder model with 18 CV 3404 cc displacement and four-wheel brakes, and in 1920 another four-cylinder model with 2120 cc capacity. Later there was the Model 4 TB with 2062 cc and two small models with 951 cc and 1452 cc capacity.

Brasier KD from 1908 at the Cité de l'Automobile - Musée National - Collection Schlumpf

Brasier 1910

Brasier 1913


Fabbrica Automobili Fides from Rome made ​​between 1905 and 1909 models of Brasier under license.