De Dion-Bouton

The French car manufacturer De Dion -Bouton was from 1883 to 1968. IN the beginning of the 20th century it was one of the most successful automotive brands.

Before the First World War

Passenger cars and motor tricycle

The two Frenchmen Albert de Dion and Georges Bouton teamed up in 1882 to initially produce steam-powered vehicles such as the La Marquise.

The company achieved some innovations, so in 1890 a one-cylinder gasoline-powered engine was patented, also the De Dion axle was invented in 1893.

With a steam-powered De Dion - Albert de Dion car won the race Paris -Rouen 1894. 1895 but it rose finally to petrol as drive material. The petrol engine was characterized by low weight and high speeds. He was so successful that many other brands with a De Dion -Bouton engine were driven.

The 1897 presented De Dion -Bouton motor tricycle was up to the turn of the century the most successful motor vehicle in Europe. With around 15,000 copies sold the motor tricycle scored the first breakthrough in the spread of motor vehicles.

1900, the brand produced 400 cars and 3200 engines, the largest automobile manufacturer was world. Backbone of the company was still the einzylindrige Voiturette, 1910 succeeded in producing a 35 -hp V8 engine. 1913, the last single-cylinder car was built.

Even buses were produced, first with steam, then even with a petrol engine.

Machines for railway railcar

A 1900 developed by the company for petrol cars electric drive became the basis for railcar of Hungarian Janos Weitzer Rt, which produced this in 1903 with De Dion -Bouton engines for ACsEV, AEGV and other railway companies. At the same time gave De Dion -Bouton steam engines for railcars manufacturer Ganz & Co. ..

After the First World War

After the First World War car production by De Dion -Bouton was not moving again. From 1923 to 1948, the Company focused on railway cars and became the largest French manufacturer of narrow gauge rail cars, which they sold a total of 250 pieces.

1932, car production was discontinued. The truck production ended in 1952. About ten years presented Dion -Bouton engines for motorcycles here that were particularly easy and fast running and have been used by several emerging brands such as Harley -Davidson. 1955, the brand of a small motorcycle manufacturer was bought.



Tricarboxylic of 1899 in two-wheel - Museum Neckarsulm

Vis -à-vis 1901 during the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2005

Two-seater with front engine (1902 )

The first practical internal combustion engine car in Europe, J. Weitzer (Arad ) with De Dion -Bouton engine 1903/1906 ff

Landaulet (1908 )

Landaulet (1908 )

De Dion Bouton type IE (1922 ) from depot Smurf

Old securities of De Dion -Bouton

De Dion -Bouton JM4 railcar

Railcars OC1 and a small locomotive