The French company Automobiles Delage was a manufacturer of exclusive sports cars. Louis Delâge founded the company in Levallois- Perret near Paris in January 1905 along with Augustin Legros, who worked at Peugeot before.

First, Delage dealt with the body on the basis of purchased engines and chassis, with De Dion -Bouton was the main supplier. From 1908 also own engines were produced. The vehicles achieved initial success in motorsport, and built a sophisticated brand image on. 1912 the company moved to larger premises to Courbevoie. 1914 Delage won the Indianapolis 500 race. During the First World War production was changed to military products.

From 1918 Delage Restored exclusive vehicles for wealthy individuals. The company has developed a unique design that met the taste of the well-heeled clientele in the Roaring 20s. Delage racing cars achieved numerous successes in several European Grand Prix. The world economic crisis hit hard Delage. 1935 finally had to be notified voluntary liquidation. The brand name went to the car manufacturer Delahaye, who established until 1953 vehicles under the brand Delage.

It is estimated that from 1905 to 1935 around 35,000 Delage cars were built.