J-P Wimille

J.-P. Wimille was a French manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The racing driver Jean -Pierre Wimille founded in Paris in 1946, the company for the production of automobiles. The brand name was Wimille. 1948 was a vehicle at the Paris Motor Show. After Wimilles death in 1949, only a few copies were made ​​. 1950 production ended. A total of about eight vehicles emerged.

Rolling stock

The enterprises established two-seat, closed sports car with mid-engine, as Wimille was delighted with the mid-engine concept. In the prototype from 1946 was provided by a four-cylinder engine from the Citroën 11 CV 1911 cc and 54 hp for the drive. With this engine, the top speed was specified at 150 km / hr.

Later Ford supported the project, so that a V8 engine from Ford Vedette with 2158 cc and 60 to 66 hp was used.

Wimille 1946

Wimille 1947

Wimille 1947

Wimille of 1948