Levallois -Perret is a city in France in the département of Hauts -de -Seine in the Ile- de -France region. The city is located north-west of Paris, to which they immediately adjacent, on the right bank of the Seine. The population is 64,629 (as of 1 January 2011). With over 25,000 inhabitants per km ² Levallois-Perret is the most densely populated municipality of France.


In pre-revolutionary France existed on the territory of Levallois-Perret the village of Villiers and the court Courcelles (also called La planchette ), after which up to now two metro stations are named. The majority of today's municipal area was slammed in the course of the revolution the church Clichy, while the southwest of the present village was part of Neuilly -sur -Seine. From 1822 the landowner Jean -Jacques Perret opened up a part of belonging to Clichy terrain for the construction of a settlement; this area was named after him Champerret then (the field of Perret ). His example was followed in 1845 the landowner André Noël, in the La planchette, in which case the actual development of Nicolas- Eugène Levallois was made after the site Levallois was baptized. In the 1860s, both settlements were largely grown together and the desire for a separate municipality was loud. Thereupon approved Emperor Napoléon III. on 30 June 1866, the new church Levallois-Perret city rights, which entered into force at the beginning of 1867. The city was a center of early automobile in France; then the company Clément, Delage, and Chapron not least Citroën for the location chosen. At the beginning of the 20th century, the cosmetic industry in the city was well represented.


The city consists of two cantons:

  • Canton Levallois-Perret - North with 40,400 inhabitants, managed by the General Councillor Isabelle Balkany (UMP )
  • Canton Levallois-Perret -Sud with 26,532 inhabitants, managed by General Councilor Danièle Dussaussois (UMP )

Mayor of Levallois -Perret was in the years 1965-1983 the Communist Parfait Jans, who was at times also General Council and member of the Hauts -de- Seine. As mayor, he then RPR, in 1995 his party colleague Olivier de Chazeaux left the office to follow this turn in 2001, now a member of the UMP, in office followed in 1983 Patrick Balkany. This development also reflects a demographic change that made ​​Levallois-Perret a parish worker at a residence of the wealthy bourgeoisie; the residents of Levallois- Perret include, on average the wealthiest in France.


In addition to the Town Hall, especially the church of Saint -Justin is worth seeing. As a destination and the Parc de la planchette is popular. In the cemetery of Levallois -Perret, the composer Maurice Ravel was buried next to his parents.


Levallois -Perret is the headquarters of Alstom, the headquarters of the French domestic intelligence service DCRI and the European headquarters of the now purchased by SAP business intelligence vendor Business Objects.


Levallois -Perret can be reached via two stations: About the Station Clichy- Levallois along the long distance from Paris Gare Saint -Lazare to Le Havre and the station Pereire Levallois - which is about 500m outside the city limits in the 17th arrondissement on which the trains of the RER C exclusively. Furthermore, the community is served by the metro line 3.

On the outskirts of Paris is across the boulevard périphérique connection to Autoroute nearby A1 motorway ( Autoroute du Nord).


In Levallois -Perret were born:

  • Louis Trousselier (1881-1939), cyclist
  • George Miskovsky (1891-1976), painter and poet
  • Jean Muller (1925-2005), Bridge engineer
  • Jean- Patrick Capdevielle ( born 1945 ), singer
  • Pascal Lamy ( born 1947 ), Commissioner and Chairman of WTO
  • Olivier Besancenot (* 1974), politician of the Left

In Levallois -Perret lived or worked:

  • Louise Michel (1830-1905), Kommunardin
  • Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923), Engineer
  • Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), composer, buried in Levallois -Perret
  • René Pottier (1879-1907), a cyclist, Tour de France winner, died in Levallois -Perret
  • Henri Chapron (1886-1978), automobile manufacturer, died in Levallois -Perret
  • Charles Pasqua (* 1927), politician of the UMP
  • Francis Bardot ( b. 1946 ), tenor
  • Marie -Claire Restoux (* 1968), judoka
  • Didier Drogba (born 1978 ), football player