Puteaux is located on the left bank of the Seine, a French town with 44 683 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ), west of Paris.




1971 a socialist Billposters is shot in the municipal election campaign in Puteaux. The perpetrator or perpetrators come from the environment of the then mayor, Charles Ceccaldi - Raynaud. The process in the year 1974, with nationwide attention. As employees of the mayor are involved in the case, Ceccaldi - Raynaud is condemned as the civilly Responsible to a penalty for pain and suffering in a total amount of 200,000 francs.

This incident has the director Pierre Granier - Deferre his film Adieu Bull (1975 ) and inspired by Lino Ventura and Patrick Dewaere.

2004 Christophe GREBERT, inhabitants of Puteaux and owner of a local politics critical Blogs sued by the mayor of Puteaux defamation. In March 2006, the blogger from the 17th Civil Chamber in Paris is acquitted of this charge. The mayor has filed revision.

In September 2006, Mayor Charles Ceccaldi - Raynaud and his daughter Joëlle be sentenced in court for defamation against the blogger above to a fine of every 2500 EUR as well as a pain and suffering of a total of 3,000 EUR, because the blogger on the official website of the municipality " pedophilic tendencies " imputed. This judgment also appeal was lodged.


The city has a well-preserved old town with typical French flair. La Défense, the major urban development project in the west of Paris and one of the largest shopping and business centers in Europe, located mainly in the municipal district of Puteaux (the rest is in the administrative territory of the other two suburbs of Paris Courbevoie and Nanterre, and the central facilities of La Défense, the CNIT and the Arche de la Défense, but are located in Puteaux ).

Also worth seeing is the recreation area on the Isle of Puteaux, a formerly of the Rothschild banking family owned (hence formerly L' Ile Rothschild mentioned ) large island in the Seine, which today are numerous cultural and sports facilities and a rose garden.


The city of Puteaux has a long industrial tradition, especially in the automotive sector ( company De Dion -Bouton ) and aircraft.


Puteaux is twinned with

  • Portugal Braga, Portugal, since 2001
  • Luxembourg Esch- sur -Alzette, Luxembourg, since 1956
  • Israel Gan Yavne, Israel, since 1972
  • Mali, Kati, Mali, since 1985
  • Austria Mödling, Austria, since 1956
  • Germany Offenbach am Main, since 1955
  • Opočno Czech Republic, Czech Republic
  • Italy Velletri, since 1958
  • Serbia Zemun, Serbia, since 1956

Sons and daughters of the town

  • André Auffray (1884-1953), railway cyclist and Olympic champion
  • Marcel Delattre ( born 1939 ), cyclist
  • Emmanuelle Devos (born 1964 ), actress
  • Warda al - Dschaza'iriya (1939-2012), Algerian singer
  • Jean -Jacques Olivier (1877-1954), writer
  • Maurice Schilles (1888-1957), track cyclist and Olympic champion
  • Paul Wartel (1903-1976), football player and coach