Meudon [ mødɔ ] is a French town with 45 010 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Paris area (French Banlieue ) twelve kilometers southwest of the capital. The city belongs to the department of Hauts -de -Seine in the Ile- de -France. Administratively, the city is a small part of the canton of Issy -les -Moulineaux -Ouest and forms the largest part of the Canton of Meudon.

Meudon is particularly influenced by the research: ONERA and CNRS research here. The observatory, founded in 1875 is administratively affiliated to the Paris Observatory since 1926. The IUCAF has his seat


The city is divided into the districts Meudon Meudon -Ville, Bellevue, Val -Fleury, Bas- Meudon and Meudon- la -Forêt.


Meudon has been inhabited since the Neolithic period; its Celtic name is Mole - Dum (sand hills ), the Romans Latinized this to moldunum.

In the 16th century Cardinal Charles de Lorraine - Guise was a castle, which was destroyed in 1803.

In the 19th century Meudon was popular residential location of musicians and artists; but it has also become an industrial site for metal products and explosives.


  • View of the Seine loop.
  • Auguste Rodin Museum in the Villa des Brillants (annex of the Paris Rodin Museum ), open from April 1 to September 30 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are from 13:00 bis 18:00 clock.
  • Castle ( 16th century), now observatory. In the 17th century the famous castle terraces emerged with impressive dimensions: 260 m long, 140 m wide, 14 m high.
  • In southwest Meudons forest Forêt de Meudon covers a total area of ​​about 1,100 ha on areas of the neighboring communities and is a popular recreation area for residents of the capital.
  • The railway viaduct of Meudon, which is considered the oldest Ingenierbauwerk of the French railway system.
  • The telecommunications tower Meudon, one of the first television towers of France.


Meudon maintains since 1953 a city partnership with Celle ( Germany ). There are also partnerships with Woluwe -Saint -Lambert (Belgium, since 1958 ), Ciechanów (Poland, since 1970), Rushmoor ( UK, 1972 ), Mazkeret Batia (Israel, 1987 ) and Brezno (Slovakia, since May 4, 1999 ).

Transport links

Transport links through the Paris RER, line C, direction Versailles / Saint -Quentin -en- Yvelines to Meudon Val Fleury. The valley of the Ru d' Arthelon is crossed here on the way to Versailles by the railway viaduct of Meudon. He is the oldest engineering structure of the French railway system.


Born in Meudon

  • Lionel Jospin (* 1937), socialist politician and Prime Minister of France (1997-2002 )
  • André Ekyan (1907-1972), jazz musician (clarinet, saxophone), composer and arranger
  • Booba (born 1976 ), French rapper
  • Clémence Poésy ( b. 1982 ), French actress

Died in Meudon

  • Jules Dumont d' Urville (1790-1842), navigator and Arctic explorer
  • Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), sculptor
  • Louis -Ferdinand Céline, writer
  • Alexandre Guilmant, organist, composer and music educator
  • Marcel Dupré, organist, composer and music educator
  • Alberto Magnelli (1888-1971), painter, artist

Other personalities

  • François Rabelais was here pastor (1551-1553)
  • Richard Wagner lived in Meudon from April 1841 to October of the same year, wrote here his first design for the Flying Dutchman and composed the main part of this work
  • Édouard Manet held in 1879 and 1880 in the district of Bellevue a few months to cure at
  • Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber lived here 1929-1940