Rueil -Malmaison is a French town with 79 855 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) about 14 km west of the center of Paris. It belongs to the department of Hauts -de -Seine in the Ile- de -France region and is situated on the Seine. It is the capital of the canton of Rueil -Malmaison; a part of the municipality in the canton of Garches.


The city consists of eight neighborhoods which here are called " villages " ( " villages " ):

  • Rueil sur Seine
  • Plaine -Gare
  • Shelf de Seine
  • Centre-Ville
  • Mont- Valérien
  • Mazurières
  • Buzenval
  • Jonchère Malmaison - Saint- Cucufa


The name of the town first appears in the 12th century as Roialum, resulting finally Rueil is. Since 1928, the city takes its present double name to differentiate it from Rueil -la- Gadelière in the Eure -et -Loir. Charles the Bald gave to this area 870 of the abbey of Saint- Denis. End of the 12th century, the monks built a chapel here. In 1635 they sold the land to Cardinal Richelieu, who had built a castle here. During the Fronde, the Court moved back here.

In the 19th century came impressionist painters such as Pierre -Auguste Renoir, Édouard Manet and Claude Monet to Rueil -Malmaison to paint the local Seine Landscape. In the German -French war was during the Battle of Rueil Buzenval on 19 January 1871, the front line. 1958, the first supermarket was opened in France in Rueil.


  • The city is known mainly for Malmaison Castle, where Napoleon and his first wife Joséphine lived. The grave Joséphine is located in the church of Saint- Pierre -Saint -Paul in the town center, where her daughter Hortense de Beauharnais at rest, the mother of Napoleon III ..
  • The church of Saint -Pierre -Saint -Paul was built in the 16th century as a replacement for the first church built in the 12th century. The façade was built on the orders of Richelieu by architect Jacques Lemercier from 1632.
  • Also on display is the home of Father Joseph, who died here. He was a confidant of Cardinal Richelieu.
  • The barracks of the Swiss Guards of the French kings in 1756 under Louis XV. by the architect Charles -Axel Guillaumot (1730-1806) built and is a historical museum.

Church of Saint- Pierre -Saint -Paul

The old town hall


The town is twinned with

  • Japan Togane on Honshu in Japan
  • Germany Bad Soden am Taunus in Hesse ( Germany )
  • Austria Kitzbühel in Tyrol ( Austria )
  • Denmark Helsingør on the island of Zealand (Denmark)
  • Spain Avila in Castilla - León ( Spain)
  • United Kingdom Elmbridge in Surrey, England (United Kingdom)
  • Israel Kiryat Mal'achi (Israel )
  • Latvia Jelgava in Latvia
  • Mexico Oaxaca de Juárez ( Mexico)
  • Uzbekistan Bukhara (Uzbekistan )
  • Russia Sergiev Posad (Russia)
  • Switzerland Fribourg ( Switzerland )
  • Tunisia Le Bardo (Tunisia )
  • United States Lynchburg (Virginia), USA
  • Romania Timişoara in Romania
  • Lebanon Zouk Mikael in Lebanon

In addition, the city is a member of the Federation of European cities Napoleon.

Transport and the economy

Rueil -Malmaison is located on the RER line A of the Paris transport authority. On the banks of the Seine is also a connection to the A 86, the Périphérique de l' Ile- de -France, an outer ring road around Paris.

In the town are the headquarters of major French companies such as the construction company Vinci and the electronics company Schneider Electric; but also the main French subsidiaries and / or production of many international companies are based here, such as from companies in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and food industries.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Saint -Georges de BOUHELIER (1876-1947), writer
  • Marcel Ichac (1906-1994), mountaineer, film director and pioneer of mountain films
  • Fabrice Colas ( b. 1964 ), cyclist
  • Jean Dujardin (born 1972 ), actor