Bourg- la -Reine is a French town near Paris, with 19 982 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the department of Hauts -de -Seine to the Ile- de -France region. It belongs to the Communauté d' agglomà Hauts de Bièvre.


Bourg- la -Reine is located about ten kilometers south of the center of Paris on the left bank of the Bièvre. Neighboring municipalities are in the northwest Bagneux, northeast Cachan, in the East L' Haÿ -les-Roses, south of Antony and Sceaux in the southwest.


The company Cire Trudon, established in 1643 as Maison de Cire Trudon is the oldest wax manufacturer in the world works here since 1971.

Twin Cities

Twinning exist to

  • Kenilworth in Warwickshire ( United Kingdom )
  • Monheim am Rhein, North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany )
  • Reghin in Transylvania ( Romania)
  • Sulejówek in Poland
  • Yanqing in China


Through the town runs from south to north route Departmental RD 920 to Cologne follows the course of the Roman road via aureliensis through Gaul.

Due to the station of Bourg- la -Reine RER B, the city is connected to the S- train network in the Paris area. In addition, the city is connected by bus lines 17 to Paris and the surrounding communities.


It was the birthplace of the mathematician Evariste Galois and trombonist and music teacher Henri Couillaud.

Dead are among others the writer Léon Bloy, the philosopher and mathematician Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat, Marquis de Condorcet, the ornithologist Henri Auguste Ménégaux, the surgeon Philippe -Jean Pelletan and the anthropologist Arnold van Gennep here.

Pictures of Bourg-la-Reine