Le Plessis-Robinson

Le Plessis -Robinson is a commune with 28,113 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) southwest of Paris. It belongs to the department of Hauts -de -Seine in the Ile- de -France region. The distance to the center of Paris is about 10 kilometers. The neighboring municipalities are Clamart, Fontenay -aux -Roses, Sceaux and Chatenay -Malabry.


Plessis was mentioned as Plessiacus first 839 documentary. In 1112 the first church building was begun. 1250 was Plessiacus to Plessis -Raoul.

The first castle of Plessis was built in 1412 by Jean de la Haye or Piquet de la Haye as a pleasure palace; after that the place was called up into the 20th century Le Plessis- Piquet. The first mayor (Antoine Moullé ) was elected in 1790. 1793, the municipality Plessis- Piquet was renamed Le Plessis- Liberté, but got back its old name in 1801. Jaime Odier bought the castle in 1827 and was mayor in Plessis 1829-1831.

Opened in 1848, the enthusiastic Plessis Robinson Crusoe host Ernest Gueusquin a place which he called " Au grand Robinson " ( To the great Robinson). Soon came thousands Paris in this and other newly opened premises to dine, drink and dance.

1854 purchased the famous publisher Louis Hachette the castle and the land. Later he became mayor and city councilor. Finally, the municipality was officially renamed in 1910 at the instigation of the then mayor Paul Jaude in Le Plessis- Robinson.