Issy -les -Moulineaux is a French town with 65 326 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) southwest of Paris. It is 6.6 km away from the center of Paris and is located in the département of Hauts -de -Seine in the Ile- de -France region. On 1 January 2003, Issy -les -Moulineaux with other municipalities ( Chaville, Meudon, Vanves and Ville d'Avray ) part of the agglomeration zone Arc de Seine. It is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe.

Issy -les -Moulineaux transformed from an industrial past to a central service location (Val de Seine), which specializes in media and telecommunications. Despite the rapidly growing population there are still more jobs than residents.


Previously, Issy -les -Moulineaux Issy was simply called, derived from Middle Latin Issiacum / Isciacum, (property of Isicius / Iccius, a Gallo -Roman landowner ). On the other hand, the name may also come from the Celtic and means as much as under the wood.

1893 from Issy officially Issy -les-Moulineaux. Les Moulineaux was a small village within the municipality; apparently was the name Les Moulineaux windmills ( moulins French ) who were there.


On January 1, 1860 Paris was enlarged by areas adjacent communities. For this reason, about one-third of the commune of Issy -les -Moulineaux the city of Paris was slammed; this area now corresponds essentially to the district Javel in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.


Issy is divided into two cantons:

  • Issy -les -Moulineaux East, part of the district ( 25,399 inhabitants) in 1999
  • Issy -les -Moulineaux west, part of the municipality and Meudon ( together 34 120 inhabitants) (1999)

Mayor of Issy -les -Moulineaux:


Issy -les -Moulineaux has two Metro stations on Line 12: Mairie d' Issy and Corentin Celton.

In addition, Issy -les -Moulineaux has two stations of the RER C: Issy - Val de Seine and Issy.

In addition, the community is approached at three stops from the Line 2 of the Paris tram: Les Moulineaux, Jacques -Henri Lartigue, and Issy - Val de Seine.


A nationally significant company headquartered in Issy -les -Moulineaux, the paper manufacturer Arjo Wiggins Europe with 8000 employees.


  • Germany Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany, since 1954
  • Belgium Frameries, Belgium, since 1979
  • Italy Macerata, Italy, since 1982
  • Togo Dapaong, Togo, since 1989
  • Spain Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain, since 1990
  • Israel Nahariya, Israel, since 1994
  • China People's Republic of Chongwen ( municipality of Beijing, China), since 1997
  • Flag of South Korea Guro -gu (city district of Seoul, South Korea), since 2003

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Melchisédech Thévenot (around 1620-1692 ), French naturalist and writer
  • Robert Charpentier (1916-1966), cyclist
  • Sandrine Piau (born 1965 ), opera singer
  • Manu Larcenet (born 1969 ) comic book artist and writer
  • Sophie Morel ( born 1979 ), mathematician
  • Stephanie Foretz Gacon ( born 1981 ), tennis player
  • Saïd Haddou ( b. 1982 ), cyclist
  • Nadir Haddou ( b. 1983 ), cyclist
  • Leila Bekhti ( born 1984 ), actress


  • Issy -les -Moulineaux Badminton Club, the winner in 2006 in the European Cup more times champion of France