Javel, France

Javel was formerly a municipality of the Issy Associated village on the left bank of the Seine, south -west of Paris. It was incorporated in 1860 as 60 of the 80 quarters in Paris and is now part of Paris' 15th arrondissement.

Gained fame Javel by the here established since 1792 factory to produce the in 1789, developed by Claude Louis Berthollet chemical bleaching and disinfectant, which was after the production site as Eau de Javel, German Javel water called, and under this name today is commercially. Until the 20th century, the town of Javelle wrote, which is why the chemical is still called in older chemistry books Eau de Javelle.

In the vicinity of Javelfabrik to other industries settled, including the automobile factory by André Citroën, which consisted at this site during the years 1915-1968. The memory of the founder of the company is in the neighborhood Javel by the Quai André Citroën (formerly Quai de Javel ), the Parc André Citroën, and named after him, secondary school ( Collège André Citroën ) and the Métro and RER transfer station Javel -André Citroën kept alive.

The name of the place bear the Port de Javel on the banks of the Seine, the Rue de Javel, Church of St. Christophe de Javel RER station Gare de Javel.