15th arrondissement of Paris

The 15th arrondissement of Paris, the Arrondissement de Vaugirard, is one of the 20 arrondissements of Paris, and the one with the largest number of inhabitants. It was created in 1860 through the amalgamation of the municipalities Vaugirard and Grenelle in the city of Paris.

Origin of the name Vaugirard

The name Arrondissement de Vaugirard is reminiscent of an Abbé ( Abbot ) Girard, which among other things in today's 15th district belonged lands. " Vaugirard " derives from: "val Girard " = " vallée Girard " = " valley of Girard ."

Geographical location

The 15th arrondissement is located on the left bank of the Seine. It is bordered to the east separated by the tracks of the Gare Montparnasse in the 14th arrondissement, on the west by the Seine separately to the 16th arrondissement and on the north by the 7th arrondissement. To the south it borders, separated by the Boulevard périphérique to the municipalities Malakoff, Vanves and Issy -les -Moulineaux. The area was, until the 1970s, a working-class neighborhood, is now a residential area in the middle and upper middle class, also due to the fact that it is relatively quiet for Paris standards; only in the south and south-west, in the neighborhood Javel there are many social housing.

District in the 15th arrondissement

The district consists of the following four districts:

  • Quartier Saint -Lambert
  • Quartier Necker
  • Quartier de Grenelle
  • Quartier de Javel

According to the official count district of Paris is thereby accomodation 57 to 60


According to the census of 1999 225.362 inhabitants were reported in the 848 -acre 15th arrondissement. This corresponds to a population density of 26 576 inhabitants per km ². Thus, in the arrondissement of 10.3% of the population of Paris have their main residence.

Town hall

The town hall of the 15th arrondissement is located 31 rue Péclet, 75015 Paris


René Galy - Dejean 's mayor, member of civil UMP party since the last election in March 2001.


The district is divided into two electoral districts, the 12th and 13th legislative district. Thus, the victorious, the arrondissement list provide two deputies. Also in previous legislative sessions René Galy - Dejean in March 1989 and in June 1995 was elected as a candidate of the guided by Édouard Balladur right list RPR - UDF respectively in the first ballot for mayor. In March 2001, this scheme repeated until the second ballot: The first ballot Galy - Dejean was not nominated for the list RPR - UDF -DL by Édouard Balladur and Philippe Séguin. The other list of rights that " tibériste list " by Jean Tiberi ( " Renegade " the RPR, former mayor of Paris) not nominated him as a candidate. This forced him, presented a list of the other two civil lists and the list of socialists by Anne Hidalgo to compete currently first deputy mayor of Paris. For the first time reached a list of socialist majority in the first ballot, due to the division of rights into three lists. The list Balladur was second and the list Galy - Dejean was 19%. These two merged and presented the classical scheme restores with Balladur at the top of the list and Galy - Dejean as a candidate for the post of mayor. This list classically won and retained the majority in the district. But for the first time required the rights a second ballot.


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Green spaces

  • Parc Citroen to the areas of the former Citroën factories.
  • Parc Georges Brassens, named after the singer Georges Brassens, who lived in this neighborhood.
  • Square Saint Lambert
  • Jardin Atlantique above the platforms of the Gare Montparnasse.
  • The Allée des Cygnes allows Sparziergang on the Île aux Cygnes between the Pont de Grenelle and Pont de Bir -Hakeim.


The famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi had his studio, where he lived from 1925 to 1957 and worked in the l' impasse Ronsin. The studio no longer exists now, but was reconstructed in the Centre Georges Pompidou. The sculptor died on March 16, 1957 and was interred in the Cimetière du Montparnasse. In addition, the artists' colony La Ruche is in the Passage Dantzig.

The Nestor Burma novel A tramp with bad cards (Fr. Les eaux troubles de Javel, 1957) by Léo Malet plays in the 15th arrondissement.