2nd arrondissement of Paris

  • Gaillon
  • Vivienne
  • Mail
  • Bonne -Nouvelle

The 2nd arrondissement of Paris, the Arrondissement de la Bourse is, with an area of ​​99 hectares, the smallest arrondissement of Paris.

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The 2nd arrondissement is the result of the expansion of the city to the north during the 15th and 16th century. However, the first buildings were erected in the 14th century. Built by Charles V city wall was enough by this time to the present Rue d' Aboukir. Under Louis XIII. , the urban area expanded in the 16th century to the northern boundary of the arrondissement from where nowadays run the Grands Boulevards.

In 1860 the boundaries of the 2nd arrondissement were determined.

Geographical location

The 2nd arrondissement is located north of the central 1st district. Furthermore, it is surrounded on the east by the 3rd arrondissement and on the north by the 9th and 10th arrondissement.

Quarter in the 2nd arrondissement

The 2nd arrondissement consists of the following four districts:

  • Quartier Gaillon
  • Quartier Vivienne
  • Quartier du Mail
  • Quartier de Bonne -Nouvelle

According to the official count district of Paris is thereby accomodation 5 to 8


According to the census of 1999 19.585 inhabitants were registered in the 2nd arrondissement. This corresponds to a population density of 19 783 inhabitants per km ². Thus live here 0.9% of the population of Paris.

The number of the population has decreased by 5.3 % since 1990.

Politics and Administration

Town hall

The town hall of the 2nd arrondissement is located on the Rue de la Banque 8, 75002 Paris Phone: 01/ 53 29 75 02


Mayor 's Jaques Boutault, member of the French Green Party Les Verts since April 2, 2001.


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  • Palais Brongniart with an exhibition on the stock market, now a seat of the Euro Next, the former seat of the " Paris Stock Exchange " (more precisely, the Bourse des Valeurs Stock Exchange )
  • Old house in the French National Library
  • Notre- Dame-des- Victoires
  • Notre- Dame-de- Bonne -Nouvelle
  • Opéra- Comique
  • Galerie Colbert, shopping arcade
  • Galerie Vivienne, shopping mall

Transport and Infrastructure

Major Roads

  • Avenue de l' Opéra
  • Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle
  • Boulevard des Capucines
  • Boulevard de Sebastopol
  • Boulevard des Italiens
  • Boulevard Montmartre
  • Boulevard Poissonieres
  • Boulevard Saint Denis
  • Rue du Quatre Septembre
  • Rue Saint- Denis
  • Rue Reaumur

Important places

  • Place de l' Opéra
  • Place des Victoires

Métro lines

Through and along the 2nd arrondissement Métro lines lead 3, 4, 8 and 9 The district is surrounded by four major Métro stations that are connected to each other: Opéra, Richelieu -Drouot, Strasbourg St -Denis and Reaumur Sebastopol.


The headquarters of the news agency Agence France-Presse is located on the Place de la Bourse.