Paris Quarters

As quarters (German district ) is the smallest administrative unit of the French capital Paris is called. Four quarters each form one of the 20 arrondissements, so Paris is divided into 80 districts.

Historical development

After withdrawal of the Romans and during the early and high Middle Ages, Paris had only four quarters. The chroniclers of the French king Philip Augustus held in the 12th century whose name fixed: Île de la Cité, Saint -Jacques- la- Boucherie, La Verrerie and La Greve. The Left Bank ( Rive Gauche ) was firmly in the hands of several abbeys and not part of the city. Philippe -Auguste was to reinforce and extend so that the number of quarter increased to eight the fortifications of the city. 1383, the city walls were extended again and the number of district rose to 16 in 1701, there were 20

1789 Paris was divided into 60 districts ( districts). However, this separation was not very successful, why change it again in May 1790, the administrative structure and the city in 48 sections ( sections ) was divided. In the administrative reform of 1795, these sections were then officially to 48 quarters, four of which each is summarized in a district.

When incorporated on 1 January 1860, the municipalities of the former suburbs to Paris and 8 new arrondissements were created, the number of quarter rose by 32 to the still existing 80th

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